Simple Slot machine game using HTML5 Part 1: Basics

October 17, at Its preferable to have blurred copy of this reel too, to show the effect of motion. If I start the game before the page loads completely ie: Recently somebody talked to me about creating a slot machine. Audio Brave New Method. Winning and loss depends on your luck.

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Do you know Why? Hi, many thanks for your example code. We will also draw inspiration from it for our mobile slots game, you saved us weeks of research and development, especially the way you use Canvas. Here is a link to our HTML5 slot machine demo, using different techniques: You may contact if interested. Hey there, great code… question, can the size of the images be changed for them to be larger?

Very good post, i go custom it now and put this slot machine on my website. Thank you very much. Do you know where i can find it? Hi Teemu, thanks for the code. It is pretty insightful. Let me know if you provide consultancy services. Hi am developing a slot machine game for 5 reels but when reels stops I have to show the images result according to my REST API result how can i do that…Please help me out.

You can modify this to use the values from your REST call instead of the random ones. I need to replace the images which I will get in my api response after spin. Please help me on this. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Brave New Method Technology tryouts. Basics March 14, 31 Comments. March 29, at April 2, at May 11, at May 12, at Spritely is a wonderful jquery plugin for background animation. I also used a plugin for animating background-position since jquery does not support it natively. First of all we need a sprite for our slot machine.

This sprite is basically a reel which in motion simulates a slot. Its preferable to have blurred copy of this reel too, to show the effect of motion. For the purpose of this demo I got the sprite from internet.

The markup is very straightforward. We just need placeholders for 3 slots and a button as controller. Lets got through the javascript now. First we need a class for a slot. Our 3 slots will be objects of this class. Why do we need so many paramaters for a slot machine?

Also its good to have different max speeds. Our Slot class will have 4 member functions:. Initially we create an object for each slot of the slot machine. We pass different values for the max-speed and speed-stepper to the constructor. This method kicks off the slot and increments the speed at regular intervals.

This can be done using setInterval. Once the speed comes below a certain threshold, the final position is calculated for each of the slots based on their current position and the slots are rotated to reach the final position. Demo You can see the implementation here. The full source code can be viewed at my GitHub repository. I thought this was really cool what you made….. I bought some books so i am currently reading those…. Get your javascript concepts right.

Follow blogs of javascript experts. Pick up some small problem and think how you can solve it in javascript. The best guide I have found is https: I mean I can set when will be the winning combination will occur. Like people will have 3 tries to play this but my App will be the one to decide when the winning combination will occur?

You can predetermine the results initially and finish the slots at desired position to simulate winning. Its really cool though — just wish I had a more relevant site to add it to.

To the commetor who queried if it worked in Firefox — it worked fine for me every time. I never wrote it as an actual game. My intention was to show a way to implement the slot machine in javascript. So all the combinations of the slots are evenly distributed. You can add some tweaks to increase the chances of winning. Hi Saurabh, Can you please provide a little more details as to how you can increase the odds of winning? Thanks for this tutorial. Decrease the number of images used.

Hi Jerry, I tried reducing the number of images, but am not having any luck in increasing the chances of winning. Also, when the images reach their final position, I take a look at the elements, and I see things like this:.

My question is — how does the number relate to the image? My image that shows up with that background position is in the array at 0, , , , , and as you can see, putting one image in so many spots was my attempt to increase chances of winning, but it seems to make no difference. Thanks to the fine-tuned PHP-based software, all tasks can be performed online, without having to go to casinos and without facing any problem. It is easy to use as well.

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