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This too is paid from a separate pay-table, if you win. Essentially, no hand is made, and the only thing of any meaning in the player's hand is their highest card. Get in on the action with. No matter how you play it, you'll enjoy three-card poker. The 1 Resource for aussie gambling! Ace High or less is the lowest pay-out in some Three Card Poker games, although this hand may not be included in all games. A Pair is a hand that contains two cards of one rank e.

Rules and Strategy

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You won't win every hand, but following a sound 3-card poker strategy will improve the odds and add to the excitement of your online 3-card poker game. No matter how you play it, you'll enjoy three-card poker. Since the hands are small and there is no drawing of new cards, this online poker game is really fast. And thanks to the simplicity of the game, all you need is a pair to win a hand!

So give it a try and have some fun! Three-card poker is an exciting card game, and online three-card poker is even better.

When you play 3-card poker online, you are playing in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and you are playing at your own pace. If you want to play quickly, you don't have to wait for some dealer to shuffle and deal; the computer does it instantaneously. If you want to slow down and think about your strategy, nobody is going to rush you. In short, you are in total control. Whether you download or flash, you can play online three-card poker for real money or play just for fun.

Whether you are a beginning three-card poker player or an experienced online gambler, you'll have a wild time at Wild Jack. So make Wild Jack Casino your online 3-card poker casino. We use cookies to offer you the best playing experience possible. Get in on the action with. Break da Bank Again. Cool Buck 5 Reel. Jungle Jim El Dorado. Deuces Wild Bonus Video Poker. Double Double Bonus Poker. All Aces Video Poker. Double Double Bonus 10 Play Poker. Cash Splash Progressive - 5 Reel.

Major Millions Progressive - 5 Reel. Mega Moolah - Isis. Mega Moolah - Summertime Progressive. Fruit Fiesta - 5 Reel. Lotsaloot - 5 Reel. Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition. Max Damage Arcade Game. Dawn of the Bread. There, Webb stood by the tables for hours at the time, enticing punters to play and teaching them the rules while making sure the dealers were dealing the game correctly. Whether you choose to bet on the quality of your own hand or not, your chances of winning still depend on the cards you receive.

Among two High Card hands, the winning one is determined by comparing the highest cards first; should they be equal, the hand with better middle cards takes the prize. The Pair thus includes two cards that should be of equal rank, plus another one of a different rank — the odd card called the kicker. The winner is then the hand that boasts a better kicker card.

Two hands with a flush are compared by the highest cards, then the middle cards if the highest ones are equal, and finally the lowest cards if the middle ones cannot decide the winner. The rules are the same as those for the High Card hands. Higher ranked cards win the competition between two Straights as well, while Ace can count either high or low. While you need three cards of the same suit for a Flush, the Straight Flush requires three consecutive cards of the same suit.

The only additional rule you must be aware of is that 3 Card Poker allows no ranking among suits. If it happens that you have the same combination and equally ranked cards be they high or low as the opposite player, you can call it a tie regardless of whether the cards you two have are different in suit or not.

One can only learn by trying, so fear not if you make a mistake. This is merely a guide for playing, after all, and all your bets are imaginary. The first option is to follow your Ante bet with a Play bet and place an additional amount equal to the first one. The Ante and Play game is played against the dealer, not against other players at the table, so be patient and wait for him to reveal his hand.

The Ante Bonus is paid to the Ante bet for a straight or better, regardless of whether the dealer has Queen high or better or not, and regardless of whose hand is superior during the ultimate showdown. Players are invited to place it after the Ante and Play wager, which is in most casinos around the world the only way to enter the game. The only requirement for winning are the cards you receive. To be precise, a player who holds a Pair or better wins the wager. Their thrill is the chase, so let your optimal strategy for 3 Card Poker be the one that ensures the most enjoyment.

How to Play Three Card Poker