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We're here to help! View Grid view List view. Richard is also ready to conduct an undercover surveillance of your entire casino floor. Training the casino staff at Casinos Austria. Poker 3 Heads Up Hold'em. Wth you it was refreshing to see something different. As the only game protection consultant out there who has actually been a professional casino cheat and advantage player, Richard is uniquely qualified to teach casinos how to protect their tables from organized professional cheats and advantage players.

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However, a huge amount of the skill required is mental, and can easily be learned via a computer based training system. Plus, even the hands-on practice required, such as the shuffle, pitch and chip handling, can be done from home - We even offer very affordable practice kit add-on options for accomplishing this. In fact, many of this site's students end up coming to us for proper training!

Plus, once you successfully complete the course, you'll qualify for a Certificate of Completion. Although we are very proud of our Online Training Program, and truly believe you can learn the skills necessary to deal Poker or Blackjack at a professional level by completing the course, we know that Brick and Mortar Casino Schools still have more to offer. Even if you don't live near a Casino College Casino School, our Online Course is the perfect companion to any other casino school you may be thinking about attending, and will give you a huge headstart over the other students.

Once enrolled, you'll receive access to the course instantly! No waiting to receive a download link or password, so you can get started NOW!

Will this be confusing for me? Our online course was designed with simplicity in mind. Simply review each lessson, view any corresponding video clips which is as simple as clicking a link , and take the self grading quizzes the results are instant to test what you've learned.

From the main course lobby you can access the user forums, chat and support feature. Contact us via Phone, Email, Forum or Chat seven days a week! Click here for a sample course video clip!

Video is for lower speed connections Hours of instructional video included! Learn Dealing Basics at home, like never before! Click the icons below to download free demo versions of this groundbreaking software! Same course material used in our brick and mortar schools nationwide. Hours of Instructional video broken down into easy to understand segments, plus built in note taking module. Decide you want to attend one of our brick and mortar school? Everything is broken down in easy to learn sections which includes hours of step by step video clips, oversized demonstrative images, and practice exercises to get you ready for your auditions!

Casino Dealers make better Players! Are you an avid Poker Player or gambler? If so, we're sure you know that the best way to improve your gameplay is by being exposed to as many real, live hands as possible. Professional Casino Dealers do just that, and get paid to do it!

Want to be in the middle of the action, night after night? Have you been dreaming of moving to Las Vegas or any other Casino Hotspot? The Casino College Online can make that dream come true, without breaking your bankroll or making you miss work. But I already know how to deal Do you really? Sure, just about anyone could step up to the plate and deal a home game or a table at your local "casino night fundraiser", but do you think you're really ready to deal a professional level game where each pot is in the THOUSANDS of dollars?

You're handling other people's money, and there's ZERO room for error. These are common situations in the world poker, and you not only need to know how to handle them properly, but also how to handle them quickly. Casinos are big business, and each hand you deal earns the house money, so the faster you deal, the more valuable you are to the casino - and to yourself!

The more games you know how to deal, the more valuable you will be to your future employer. Of course you don't have to complete both courses, but it will definitely give you a huge edge if you choose to. He now offers detailed training and seminars to entire casino staffs, including dealers, floor personnel and surveillance.

These experiences give him the unique ability to teach casino staffs HANDS-ON how to protect against cheaters and advantage-play teams. His engaging and authoritative insights have been featured at The World Game Protection Conference as well as many international TV segments about casino surveillance and the armies of cheaters who battle against it.

No other expert possesses the authority of a successful professional with years of experience from both sides of the tables. To book Richard for your speaking and training needs, contact Richard at: Training at Portomaso Casino in Malta.

It was very enlightening for my staff. Your lessons were invaluable. Thanks for your patience! You helped us solve many problems at our Canadian properties and in Aruba. We will be calling you again for another game protection seminar. It was a great time and great program that you put together!

Having you here was a great experience for our entire staff. The 3-Players counting method was new for me, and I passed it along to my staff. I would like to personally thank you for your guidance and for sharing your technique and knowledge with us. I have the honour to say I was taught a cheat move by the best cheater in the world and then actually did it on my fellow employees during the seminars!

It was a wonderful experience for me, one I will treasure for life. It was very beneficial and helpful to my staff. I endorse you for training! Marcus is a wealth of Knowledge and information from his years of experience as a cheater and a casinos games dealer.

Richard, I've had three different game protection training sessions. The training they provided was a demonstration of magic tricks and old-time cheat moves along with hours of advertisement of why they are the best.

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