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Winner Screenshots - September , Sep 24, at 8: Swedish Corner This is the forum for all our Swedish speaking guests. Hjelp en fattig student goatwack , Oct 11, Website online booking widget! MeisterTube This forum is for uploading your casino and poker related videos. Casino Game Related Videos Here you can share any casino game related videos.

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Land Based Casinos This is where you can post your experiences concerning the Brick and Mortar casinos. Casino Rama, We deal excitement errr sometimes: P TheAverageGuy , Sep 15, The dark side of Macau chuchu59 , Mar 12, Skill games or Chance games Anna , Oct 5, Here you may post about the wonderful world of online Bingo! Sportsbooks A forum for you sports fans. Sportsbook Information General discussions on how to choose sportsbooks, etc.

I love betting sports. Sports Talk Here you can blab away about which teams or athletes rule - or who sucks! Ask the Meister This is where you can post any questions you may have concerning this website, me, or anything else for that matter. Jayjay , Sep 16, Webmaster's Corner Are you a webmeister?

Webmeisters are welcome to post their questions, ideas, and experiences with anything that has to do with being a webmaster. You must request permission to join via "Group Memberships in your user CP.. Affiliate Issues Here is the forum for issues concerning affiliates and affiliate programs. Revenue share Cris88 , Sep 23, at 2: Content Thieves and other Evil Doers Content thieves, scrapers, copyright and trademark violators beware Discussions: New Google Search Console pereblue , Sep 5, Design Effectively designing your site.

Tips, tricks, and etcetera. My first little project - Finally Webzcas , May 18, Domains and Server Information Know of any decent or lousy servers? Post your experiences here. If you have a domain for sale, please post this in the "For Sale" forum. What hosting service do you recommend? Bob's Rich Club , Jun 29, The Meister's Attic This is the non-gambling section of the forum - anything that has nothing to do with gambling is posted here.

This is where you can wish fellow members a happy clappy birthday! The Attic An off-topic section where you can post off-topic stuff. This is not a place to go ape-shit. My Story mcgameboy , Sep 24, at 7: Meister Melodies A place for all music fans young and old Discussions: I'm currently listening to Jory , Sep 18, at 4: Computers and Internet Geekland Here you can geek away with technophile articulations. Quit Gambling Here is a forum that deals with quitting gambling - or how to cut down a little.

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