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It can be found offline at Atlantic city and las vegas casinos since Unfortunately, not every blackjack variation is available online. Face Up 21 — Both dealer cards are exposed. On the other hand, two dealer up-cards is a massive advantage, and the end result is a pretty good game with decent odds. Many gaming enthusiasts enjoy blackjack because of its low house edge and in depth strategy. Especially against opponents who rely more on "feel" than the actual odds. The downside is that the house edge is 5.

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This rule has a big impact because it lowers the house edge by 1. Some casinos offer different variations of this rule, including 6, 7, and 8 Card Charlie. The number indicates how many cards you have to draw to without busting before getting an automatic win.

But beware that casinos will mix in unfavorable rules to counteract the 1. You play in an Elimination Blackjack tournament, where players are eliminated at certain hands. Elimination Blackjack was created in the mid s to mimic Texas holdem poker tournaments.

Today, casinos normally use the elimination format when running a blackjack tourney. From here, Elimination Blackjack is played like any other variant. The key difference is that the tournament is only played for a specified number of hands usually Below you can see how eliminations occur:.

The elimination hands are reached at 8, 16, and 25 hands. The player with the least amount of chips from each table is eliminated at these points. These tournaments are a refreshing break from regular blackjack because they present strategy on a number of fronts. Secondly, you also need to make good bet sizes to move up the leaderboard.

Also, you must stay alive by not being the low-chip player on elimination hands. This game features an optional High Streak bet, which is based on how many consecutive wins you can string together. But the problem is that this game features a Players can take turns being dealers, and you receive special payouts. When acting as the dealer, you represent the casino and bank the action. Every player is dealt two face-down cards.

Face cards are worth 10 and numbered cards are worth their value, just like in standard blackjack. But one key difference is in how much an ace is worth, which you can see below:. Another big difference between Chinese blackjack and common variants is the special hands you can form.

After special hands are checked for, Chinese blackjack is played like a normal blackjack game. But a notable rule difference is that you must hit when your score is 15 or lower.

This is a big disadvantage for players because common strategy dictates that you stand on these hands in certain situations. Another problem is that the dealer can get 2: In a regular blackjack game, dealers only receive 1: This is why you should act as the dealer whenever the option is available because it gives you an edge over players.

Side bet where you guess if your first two cards will be over or under The house edge on the under is 6. Some casinos allow you to guess if both cards will match 13 exactly, which offers a The house edge on this wager is 8.

If your first card is a 7, you automatically win. The payout increases if you can get a second and third 7. Below is a sample Super Sevens pay table:. Assuming you are paid for a third 7 after splitting, the house edge is Lucky Ladies is a side bet based on forming different hands valued at Lucky Ladies is a common side bet that revolves around getting a hand valued at The best payout comes when you form a queen of hearts pair, and the dealer gets a natural blackjack.

The prospect of winning a But the problem is that the house edge is The general theme with blackjack is beating the dealer without going over We recommend switching games first because most blackjack variants offer a reasonable house edge. This is even true with games like Blackjack Switch and Spanish 21, where the rules change quite a bit from standard blackjack.

Much like how blackjack stemmed from a popular card game, variations have sprung up that follow the basic rules with a few twists. Some have even turned into their own casino games.

Blackjack Switch is fairly new and patented by Geoff Hal in It was created to meet demands of players who favor video poker style games. Read more about Blackjack Switch. Bonus Blackjack is perhaps one of the best blackjack variations available because the card game is exactly the same as regular blackjack and depends upon the same basic strategy that is profitable in the standard game. Also at an advantage to the counter is that the game is played with only two decks of cards.

Read more about Bonus Blackjack. Chinese blackjack has the same basic rules as its American cousin, but only two decks are used and dealers may switch as needed. Chinese blackjack arose because playing by casino rules among friends and families proved to be too difficult. Read more about Chinese blackjack! This creates an advantage for the player, but the casino also enforces other rules in Double Exposure blackjack which are designed to level the playing field. Read more about Double Exposure Blackjack.

It can be found offline at Atlantic city and las vegas casinos since The rules of the game are based of Spanish 21 with some interesting twists such as sidebets.. Read more about Double Blackjack. Elimination blackjack is seen at many Vegas casinos. Instead of playing against the dealer, gamblers seek to knock each other out and become the last person at the table. Elimination blackjack is a favorite of professional gamblers looking to prove their skill against other players.

Read more about Elimination Blackjack. European blackjack is designed to work against professional card counters. Free Bet Blackjack was invented by a guy named Geoff Hall. Hall is no stranger to creating interesting variations of blackjack; he also invented Blackjack Switch. A dealer blackjack also beats a player blackjack, and a blackjack pays only 1 to 1.

In spite of the above drawbacks, Blackjack Switch is still a very good game for the player because of the huge advantage of the switch rule. It's allowed to double down and split hands as usual, and you may double down on a split hand as well. The decision to switch is fairly obvious in most cases.

Always make a blackjack if you can, and switch if it gives you the option to split or double down when it's favorable according to basic strategy. Here's a list of the best PlayTech casinos. MicroGaming offers "Gold" varieties of some of their games, but the main difference between the gold series and the regular games are some elements of the design - the gold versions have better graphics and sound in general.

Basically, Classic Blackjack Gold is the most basic blackjack variant at the casino. It uses only one card deck, the dealer stands on all 17's, and you may only double down on 9, 10 or There is no surrender option available.

Because of the single deck, the odds are slightly better than average, and if you prefer regular blackjack without any added gimmicks or side bets, this could be a good choice. If you decide to split a pair of aces and draw a 10 card to your ace, it usually doesn't count as a blackjack - just 21, and you are not paid 3 to 2.

It's still correct to split the aces, however. Every blackjack enthusiast's dream is to be able to see both of the dealer's cards instead of just the one. In Double Exposure Blackjack , you can. It doesn't come without its drawbacks however; the rules are changed to make up for the disadvantage of receiving this much information. This game uses eight standard decks, and the player is allowed to double down on 9, 10 and 11, and just as in regular blackjack, you may also split your pairs.

Several other rules have been changed to reclaim the house edge which is still relatively small:. The rule that says "dealer wins all ties" is obviously the most disturbing. On the other hand, two dealer up-cards is a massive advantage, and the end result is a pretty good game with decent odds. Spanish Blackjack is a bit of an odd variant - there are eight decks in the shoe, but all the 10's have been taken out, leaving them with 48 cards each.

This is seemingly bad for the player, since a deck rich in value cards is good for the player. However, Spanish Blackjack differs from the Double Exposure and Switch variants in that in this game the rules have been changed in favor of the player. Although the player will get fewer blackjacks because of the missing tens, there are several special payouts that occur with specific hands.

Any or receives a special bonus payout, as does a 21 with 5, 6 or 7 cards respectively. The player is allowed to double down on any two cards, and a player 21 always wins.

You may also double down twice, and split and re-split hands. You need to approach Spanish Blackjack a bit differently than regular blackjack. For instance, you should always hit if one of the special bonuses is possible. Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack. Instead of the aces in PlayTech's progressive blackjack variant, sevens are the miracle cards in this game. Triple Sevens Blackjack uses 5 normal card decks, and to win the progressive jackpot you need three sevens of diamonds. Besides the progressive jackpot, this is a standard blackjack variant in almost every other aspect.

You may split pairs and double down on 9, 10 and 11, and the dealer stands on all 17's. Because all sevens are good in this game, you should always hit on two sevens - three sevens of any suit pays Just like most other side bets, the progressive jackpot side bet in Triple Sevens Blackjack is nowhere near profitable in most circumstances.

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