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Can I transfer my Bux to other players? You gain a level for every 50, Bux you bet on the Main Wheel or in the Duels game mode. Talking to him I discovered there was a new Counter-Strike, other than source, and that it was actually pretty cool unlike source - on my opinion, 1. Der opstod en fejl under indsendelsen af dine oplysninger. Why is my location blocked?

Referral codes can be used again

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Du kan bruge bogstaver eller tal, eller en kombination af begge. An account with this email address already exists. If you forgot your password you can recover it from the login page. Der opstod problemer under indsendelsen af dine oplysninger. Der opstod en fejl under indsendelsen af dine oplysninger.

Du er nu medlem! Vent venligst mens jeg logger dig ind i min nye spilverden. There is already an account with that NIF. Please go to Login or Forgot Password. If you are from Schleswig-Holstein and want to play please sign up on DrueckGlueck. Brugernavnet eller passwordet du har indtastet er ikke korrekt. Der opstod en fejl, da du indsendte dine oplysninger. Hvis du, uanset grund, indtastede den forkerte e-mailadresse da du tilmeldte dig hos EUcasino.

Dine kontooplysninger vil blive sendt til din e-mail-adresse inden for kort tid. Svaret du indtastede, er ikke korrekt. Indtast venligst det svar, du indtastede ved tilmelding.

He wanted to develop an item market, much like Opskins or Bitskins which at the time didn't existed. I thought it was a cool idea, quickly realized with little research it was possible and started working on getting him a quote.

Suddently I was getting to know skins: I was impressed and started digging a lot into it, discovery more and eventually bought the game and gave it a try.

Apparently all the events of my life lead to this idea: My gaming background, the e-gold heads tails games I loved to play, my bitcoin experiences.

Everything was clear at the sudden and I could see CS: GO Jackpot on my head, which I would end up building exactly like originally visioned. For me the concept was simple: You've a lot of repeated and cent items on your inventory, you put them in and one winner gets all the cent and repeated items back which he can then sell to buy a cool one or two dollar item - and it would be incredibly entretaining, like case openings but on a player-at-once scale.

I remember jumping on the living room on my towel while trying to explain this amazing idea to my then-girlfriend, now wife, and she having no idea what was I was saying. I contacted the guys that had offered me the gig to develop a market to join me on this and they were on. After a few weeks of development we launched. A post on reddit and in seconds the site got the first depositor, and others followed. I remember saying to the other guys on teamspeak before we launched "Wouldn't it be funny if we had to pull an all-nighter cause this all thing crashes from all the traffic?

And yes, we had to pull an all-nighter. And that's when the csgoblackjack. He was trying to launch a site where people could play blackjack, and had missed quite a few scheduled public launch dates already cause he couldn't find someone to develop the website.

It's important to be in total control of your actions when playing on CSGO That's why you should set yourself reasonable limits and never play more than you should. If at any time you feel like you're overstepping your boundaries or you're out of control, please open up a support ticket and we will be happy to restrict your access to our website.

There are many scammers lurking CSGO and their actions are inventive so try not to get fooled. Do NOT use any third party browser extensions. They can steal your Bux and you will not be refunded! Be wary of giveaway and impersonation scams. Do NOT execute any third party scripts in your browser console. You can email us at support csgo CSGO is currently offline for maintenance. Earn Daily Rewards Up to 2, coins daily. By clicking "Got it" and by logging in, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Service.

Create new Duel close Duel Type:. You need to be logged in to view your inventory! You need to log in with your Steam account to view our shop! You need to log in with your Steam account to view our Rewards page! Please verify your account to make sure you are not a bot. You must own CS: You can set it back to private after verification. Waiting for new round Note that you don't need to tip the train to win the reward.

After a minimum threshold is reached, the Train can be drawn anytime the Wheel has at least 3 consecutive rolls of the same color train. The jackpot will be split among every user that joined the Train based on their user level. And here's what changed: Referral codes can be used again We've wiped all of the referral codes for users. Feel free to share your code with friends. The more people use it, the more Bux you receive. How to deposit VGO skins: