New England Blackjack Report by Joe Freda

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Joe Freda has frequented casinos throughout New England during the past two decades, while also writing for the popular gambling sites of Blackjack Insider bjinsider. After making the rounds up and down I over the past few months, I have had my share of blackjack adventures to report on for NETime Gambling. Surrender is offered throughout, and penetration runs a deep percent. You will still find friendly dealers and staff throughout the property, making this a top pick for blackjack and other games of choice.

Unlike Foxwoods limiting players to three spots of blackjack at a time, Mohegan allows you to play all six if you want to high roll with a black chip on each.

Oxford deals eight decks throughout its casino, with penetration averaging a deep 80 percent. The house hits the soft 17 and surrender is not offered. Although it has been succeeded by other methods since it was introduced, Thorp's Ten Count System is regarded as the first mathematically proven system for card counting made available to the general public.

Thorp wasn't the first to employ card counting for blackjack, nor was he the first to attempt to apply mathematics to the probabilities of blackjack.

However, his Ten Count System undeniably blazed the trail for those who followed him in developing other card counting methods.

Some gambling experts consider Thorp's Ten Count not to be strictly a card-counting method. Instead, Thorp's system succeeds in mathematically shifting the winning probability from 6 percent in favor of the house to about 1 percent in favor of the player — a monumental accomplishment in the history of U.

Most modern card counting techniques are typically some variation of Thorp's method. Thorp earned a master's degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics from UCLA. He also has taught courses in "quantitative finance," the basis of his later business ventures. While a professor at MIT, Thorp met Claude Shannon, with whom he went on to develop what's believed to have been the first wearable gambling computer in Thorp also used the IBM , an early mainframe computer, to calculate winning probabilities while developing his mathematical theories on Blackjack.

The professor's theory underlying Beat the Dealer , which led to his invention of the Thorp Ten Count, was based on a paper written by J.

Kelly wrote a formula to determine the optimal amount in a series of gambling wagers. This formula, subsequently known as the Kelly criterion or Kelly strategy , eventually proved to be one of the most accurate over the long run for predicting probabilities in gambling and in some investments as well. Thorp presented the practical application of the Kelly strategy in a speech to the American Mathematical Society, and then in his gambling book Beat the Dealer and his investment book B eat the Market.

The key to Thorp's Ten Count is the way it determines the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck by designating a value for each card in a Blackjack game using a single deck. The following table explains the original ratios of Thorp's Ten Count:. Join, unite conjoin, connect associate put together, lay together, clap together, hang together.

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