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Before play the game online; first find a reputable and trustworthy website where playing will be safe, and then start. Ken Uston and Al Francesco. To learn how much to bet to limit fluctuations and maximize your win rate, see Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder. What do you think? Check out online blackjack and see what your skills in card games can do! Tournaments are very high-variance endeavors, which lead to lots of small- and medium-range losses, while you wait for a few gonzo wins that make up for them. Posted by Glen Wiggy on April 24, in Uncategorized.

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He made a table limit bet. I shuffled the deck, retained the stack, and set a brief where Uncle B needed to insert the cut card. Even though Uncle B was old, he nailed the brief with ease as he took a drag off his cigarette. To make it look good I asked, "Do you want to play it or do you want change? I called "money plays" and a boss waddled over.

I dealt, Uncle B turned over his cards, looked disgusted, and went back into his pocket pulling out more hundred-dollar bills. He peeled off 10 C-notes and I dealt him his double down card. I turned my hole card over and hit out to a My fingers danced over to a stack of black chips and I paid him. He gathered up our winnings, looked me in the eye and said as he always said, "Thank you dealer," and disappeared into the night.

The boss asked, "Do you know who that was? Now, Uncle B never played a lick of poker in his life. This is just another example of a boss with a single-digit I. So the boss thought old Uncle B is a great poker player taking a one-time shot at the blackjack table. I felt like saying to the boss, "I tell you what pal, you let Uncle B take a shot at my table everyday because he is going to win every time.

Tell him Dustin wants to know "Where is that damn Dunes? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I had read a few books about counting, had the drill down, and with a tiny bankroll, was making a few bucks.

It was on a family trip to a Wisconsin water park that, lo and behold, the Native American casino was about three miles from our hotel. Obviously, I had to check it out. The crowded six-deck tables were filled with tourists itching to throw away their money and Wisconsin locals, itching to win the grand prize at the nightly drawing — a wheel of cheese.

The first shoe was erratic, winning a few, losing a few. Of course, nobody takes a card and we all lose. I catch small cards on my soft doubles and win these hands, keeping me in the game. The next shoe is more of the same. By the end of the shoe, the running count is over 20 again. I quit playing with a moderate loss it was only moderate because my stakes were so low then.

I stand behind the table and watch the low cards continue until the end of that shoe, and backcount the next shoe, which again has a constantly rising count.

Later, I figure out that this is a one-in-a-million phenomenon in an honest, random game. Three months later I discover the blackjack publications, and read reports about casinos that have removed many high cards from their shoe games. I guess you do need to know more than just how to count cards.

A little knowledge is a profitable thing. Double deck, morning hit-and-run in downtown LV. Play until count is strong, spread real large, and boogie. I notice the yellow fingernails on the other guy, the three half cigarettes in the ash tray, and the one live cigarette. Still, he lights another cigarette. Three hundred in cash again, and he loses that hand. At this point, there is about one deck left, a plus count of 4 or 5, probably the last hand before the shuffle. The steamer gets a pair of aces, I get two small cards, and the dealer has a 5 up.

My mind is racing. Split the aces and I I will buy one of them. Time slows down in my mind. The dealer splits the Aces, and kisses each one with paint. I play out my hand, and the dealer busts. I love this town! I knew the Sister was in the Casino, but our Plans had been rather vague as to just what we would do there.

Thou knowest the one who looketh as though he doeth naught but lift weights when he is not leaning against the Offering Table…. Needless to say, there was not much I could do to play to Advantage. She portrayed the very Image of Imbecility, calling the Cards beforehand, babbling constantly etc.

I had always suspected that the Church had established Sexism for some good Reason. Now I know why. Like most land-based counters, I had heard of Internet casinos but remained highly suspicious. Coming to terms with the likelihood of loss, I whipped out a credit card and gave them the number. The first few hands were wins, so I increased the bets. Rather quickly, five dollar bets became ten, then quarters, and soon even a few hundred dollar bets.

Well that was amusing, but money does not drop from the sky. Not expecting to ever see such a huge sum, I kept no vigil at the mailbox. As long as one can stop playing before going broke, it was genuinely easy money. I eventually raked in tens of thousands of dollars and got a book out of it. A pretty good win! My worst gambling experience also involved the Internet, but it was truly surreal.

Based on the exposure of my book, I was solicited to join an online sports betting team headed by a person I will call Cabron a Spanish word. I had previously heard of the individual and some material written by him revealed a very mathematically oriented mind, hopefully interested in long-term gain through collaboration rather than quickie ripoffs. The team made money from the bonuses offered by sports books, and from arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage bets are placed when two sportsbooks offer different odds on the same game; betting both sides can gain a modest profit. The more sportsbooks with deposits, the more opportunities there are for comparing lines, hence it lends itself to team play.

Another source of team profits was referral bonuses. An important implication of this is that team members became known as associates of Cabron. Anyway, I took the plunge and joined up. Coordination required a great deal of time on the phone, but things moved along.

I received and cashed checks. As luck would have it, the wind blew lots of the arbitrage money into my account in Yellow Book. We believed the books simply had cash flow problems, so whomever squeaked the loudest would get a partial payment from time to time.

Requesting withdrawals became a chore, requiring real inventiveness to get past the phone answerers, and even then it was just a variation of "I promise the check really will go out this time.

Before moving further into this Byzantine tale, you must know that different online sportsbooks often get their software from the same developer. Our slow-paying sports books Red and Yellow were such an example. They had entirely different owners, but they were both beholden to the same software firm, and it held the plug. More time and phone calls passed into the void.

The next development was that Red Book was bought up by a bigger company. This was good news. Books usually slow-pay because they are broke, so a new owner would hopefully pay off the scores of people stuck in Red. After weeks of our bothering them, Cabron up and called one day to say that Yellow had flatly told him they would never pay.

According to Cabron, the software company had ordered Yellow not to pay us. Cabron mumbled something about chargebacks and changed the subject. This set my antennae tingling. Banks routinely agree to do this on transactions that do not have hard-copy signatures, i.

This is probably the single biggest expense to online gambling houses. Suspicious about what was going on, I began asking Cabron a series of questions.

These queries came days apart, popping up one-at-a-time in the middle of other subjects. It went something like this: Blah, blah, blah, "oh by the way, how much were the chargebacks to Red Book? That was all the deposits he had made in a year-and-a-half, possibly understandable under the circumstances, but still far more than what he was owed.

After a time, another nonchalant question, "how did that Red Book business end up, did they ever pay? A couple weeks later, the clincher: Now it was out. I was a known associate of Cabron and they assumed it was all his money and I was just a beard. The one upside was that my household got a new catch-phrase: My dishes have gone so long that they stink?

But the weird part is still coming. A few weeks later, the software company that froze my funds was sold. The new management told Yellow Book that its accounts were its own, and it could make its own decision on seizing money for Red Book.

Yellow began taking my calls again and cheerfully worked out a process for paying. Their finances were tough and the money did not come all at once, in fact it took awhile. But amazingly enough, I eventually got back the entire 10k. So much for the chargebacks being an excuse to steal funds.

In the end, I did not lose a cent in the whole project, in fact, I came out 1k ahead. The only costs were the hours and hours of my life span and a pound of flesh. And I am still blacklisted.

Me, Bill Haywood, the guy who literally wrote the book on Internet gambling, has been almost completely driven from his chosen sub-profession. There you have it, two tales of winning and losing, neatly bookending the rise and collapse of an Internet gambling career.

Although this involved the Internet, not land blackjack, it has a lot to say about team play in general. The same issues of trust, honor, and bizarre mishaps come into play in a blackjack team. The problem is not that an associate may disappear out the back exit — presumably anyone who can count can avoid the crudest thieves.

Team gambling presents an odd irony. The whole activity is devoted to grubbing as much filthy lucre as possible, but comity requires members who value their connection to other human beings far more than money. When a meteor strikes, are your colleagues likely to remain open and free of artifice, or will they turn inward, submerging themselves in a monologue of self-serving rationalizations?

Some character flaws do not show up right away. Watch for tells, and fold early. Tournaments are very high-variance endeavors, which lead to lots of small- and medium-range losses, while you wait for a few gonzo wins that make up for them.

The biggest of those wins, for me, came in a crap tournament at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City. I played relatively non-spectacularly through the qualifying rounds, and barely squeaked through the semis for a spot on the final table. To throw a little wrinkle into things, a Caesars boss came up to me minutes before the start of the final. As it was, I would be allowed to play, but I would be watched closely for potential rules infractions. No real problem, since I had no intention but to play by the rules.

This was my first dice final with honest-to-goodness high-rolling dice shooters. Bankrolls skyed and plunged, and I just hung around waiting for the end to make a decisive move. As we got closer to the end, the betting actually escalated.

I was behind nine or ten players, and everyone was betting, everywhere. We reached the end of the tournament; it would continue only until the next seven-out. I was sweating hard, trying to concoct a way to have a chance. Chips were everywhere—place bets in front on the numbers, bets behind the numbers looking for the seven-out.

I was amazed at this point to see that one small escape hatch had materialized: There was almost nothing on the 8. I took everything in my rack and loaded up on the 8 alone. I now had one shot to win by betting my entire bankroll against the 7. The pro to my left had more money and could have mimicked me. He paused, then went the other direction—a correct move on his part, in that any non-seven would have given him multiple chances to win on subsequent rolls. I was left with my one chance and it came through when the 7 rolled.

I had needed the 8 then 7, in precisely that order—a 1 in 30 shot. The Caesars exec turned the color of a rotting grapefruit and ran up to me yelling about reviewing the tapes or something.

This also occurred in the tournament arena, and also in Atlantic City. Those doing the pulling were my tournament teammates of earlier years. As always, we would each enter and play separately, but pool results at the end. This, of course, greatly smooths the fluctuations in this very risky mode of gambling investment. I played well in this one, but an unlikely result bumped me from the finals on the last hand of the semis.

Baccarat-tournament finals are long-running affairs, but it appeared to be over. One of my teammates had a lead that seemed insurmountable. For one of the few times in my career, I was ready to celebrate before the last hand. After all, there is a certain point at which probability provides the sort of cushion that allows you to feel safe in projecting a result.

This was one of those times. A co-investor and I left the area for a nearby bar to toast what looked like a six-figure day for us both. We banged a few Heinekens and partied it up out of sight of the tournament gathering. When we decided to return, we were surprised to see a huge crowd surrounding the playing area. That was a bad sign, and sure enough, our player had been caught.

What was amazing was that this player still had to win his last three bets to win the tournament. I watched in amazement as he did that. I arrive in Las Vegas about On the agenda for tonight is to meet a team mate to pick up some cash and hit the sack. Happily two other players leave. This identity is only one trip old and has little play. This seems good to the bosses as I start winning steadily and they seem cool and send in a host.

I really start winning and laying on the act. The bosses love me too. Luckily there is now only one other player, a nice older Asian woman who is losing steadily but seems to be enjoying my winning. A couple others try to jump in but I ask them to wait and they acquiesce. Boom, boom, boom it goes and I win the last round with two blackjacks. The crowd goes wild. Not a bad way to start a trip. Back in my buddy Calvin in Chicago was watching the Sting one night, and saw the famous past post scene.

He lost track of time, and frantically phoned in a bet to his offshore. He got down on his over on the Lakers, and as they were confirming his over bet, to his horror he turned the game on to see a score 1: Calvin had seen the light. No more handicapping was going to occur!

It was past post city. For the next three weeks, every night Calvin was on the Internet pounding on the refresh button at Yahoo sports. He also was frantically switching channels on his NBA package. But storm clouds appeared. Calvin was talking slower and slower on the phone, stalling right as the games tip off. Calvin would even past post while driving by listening to the game. Every now and then he would get confused and bet the wrong team while handling a conversation, the road, and two games on the radio switching back and forth!

Really, it was his driving that suffered. Welcome to my personal small world of blackjack game! Want to know something new right now? Here is a little hint for you. You can get free comps to play online casino games, when you register real account from any Fortune Lounge group. And as a suggestion, try to play blackjack online for real money all the time and you will get more comps.

You will find more tips at this website, so keep reading and make your knowledge of blackjack game more proficient! You are welcome to the exciting and informative website Blackjack Hero where you will find all info needed for every blackjack player. Contacts If you would like to contact us about any questions, just send an email or fill contact form. Newest French Articles Variante inhabituelle du Blackjack. Magic influence of "21" In the world of casinos , especially if you play card games, it is impossible to be honest all the time.

Blackjack Hero You are welcome to the exciting and informative website Blackjack Hero where you will find all info needed for every blackjack player. Site Index Contact Us. Rizal, a communications satellite, a giant snowball picked up in Wisconsin and delivered to a child in Memphis, and a four-ton high press water drill and 5, pounds of equipment to rescue month-old Jessica McClure from a well in Posted by Glen Wiggy on April 24, in Uncategorized.

Did you ever wonder how many movies feature the game of blackjack? The following article mentions a handful:. Now that my book has sold somewhere between 7 and copies, it is only natural that I speculate who would portray me in the movie adaptation of the book.

Those of you who know me realize that Suraj Sharma the actor who recently starred in Life of Pi is out. Also, Denzel Washington is out—not because of his looks, but because his agent said that Denzel was unavailable.

That might work, but he would have to be funnier. That would work…Morena has already done nude scenes that would be made prevalent in the screen adaptation of Free Waters. My daughter, Sarah, can be portrayed by Princess Kate, since they are both princesses, and my son, Mitchell, would obviously be played by Ricky Rubio from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

My father would play himself, since nobody else could pass for Tom Wielgoleski. Many of the stories in my book feature male blackjack dealers and female waitresses. That one is easy…Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but only if they promise to get along on the set.

They attract too much paparazzi. Last but not least, it is essential to the success of the movie that my dog Newman, be portrayed by Newman. Posted by Glen Wiggy on April 19, in Uncategorized.

Either way, I like it when my words fire up passion in others. I was very wrong. Posted by Glen Wiggy on April 4, in Uncategorized. Six or seven years ago, a regular blackjack player at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque told me a fun and interesting story. Unfortunately, I thought the story was unbelievable. In fact, I almost retold the story in my book, but decided against it at the last minute because I thought it was too much of a bullshit story.

Since there are surveillance cameras everywhere, the rule usually results in the employee turning in loose chips or bucks to Lost and Found. Otherwise, they risk losing their job. The player also told me that he would never risk trying the trick more than once at the same place. Makes sense, but still unbelievable, right? Last month, I experienced the unbelievable. While walking to the bathroom at a casino in a state that shall remain nameless for my own protection, I witnessed a female custodian picking up a bill about ten feet from a snack bar that sold coffee and pastries.

How much is it? While in the bathroom, I thought to check Lost and Found later for the ten-dollar bill. Perhaps the custodian would turn in the money. I returned to playing blackjack for about thirty minutes. I figured I better wait awhile, or else the custodian may not have gone there yet.

Then I had another thought: I asked the dealer. There was nobody there. I went back to playing blackjack. While cashing out chips a couple hours later, I noticed that a guard was now manning the post. Is this Lost and Found? Or, I expected him to look at me and start cracking up because I had asked such a fool question! He returned a few minutes later with a small slip of white paper. Take this to the cashier. Did I break a law? Will I get arrested or kicked out the next time I visit that casino?

Now for the bigger question…will I begin asking Lost and Founds in other casinos for lost stuff out of the blue in the future? Posted by Glen Wiggy on March 26, in Uncategorized. One of the three cheaters in the below stories was smarter than the other two. Can you guess which one? Posted by Glen Wiggy on March 20, in Uncategorized.

I recently returned from a 3-day trip to Wendover, Nevada. I can say with utmost certainty that it will be my last trip there to gamble. I saw too many things that caused me agita. The blackjack players who religiously play the Royal Match side bet.

The probably of getting a suited king and queen is approximately 1 in The odds of getting any suited pair are slightly less than 1 in 4. What a greedy proposition for the Greedy Trinity! Yet, players flock to the side bet like it was a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

He looked at me like he was Albert Einstein. I looked at him like he was an Einstein bagel. The person or persons in Greedy Trinity senior management who decided to change their single-deck blackjack rules so that a player can only double down on a ten or eleven.

From what I understand, the other two casinos in Wendover followed suit thereafter. Now it is a wasteland inside the casinos more than it ever was outside the casinos. The pit boss in one of the Greedy Trinity casinos who was smoking and checking his iPhone while in the pit. I gave this guy a nickname: A different pit boss who chastised me for cursing. I stayed with two pat hands. The dealer uncovered a face card then drew a 5 for a The pit boss raced over to our table and informed me in a teacher-like tone that I was not allowed to curse in the casino.

Here he was, taking a rusty knife on behalf of his corporate masters and using it to carve out all humility and money from the average player, and I was was being lectured for exercising much needed freedom of speech.

The Greedy Trinity marketing staff who creates their promotional posters and flyers. All of them feature pretty white people laughing at the tables with stacks of black and green chips in front of them on the table games. The Greedy Trinity pit bosses and floor managers who constantly manage the blackjack tables so that they are occupied by at least three or four players. On this most recent trip, I had better luck playing with myself in the hotel room.

With all these great nominees, it is hard to select a winner. However, I have determined a clear cut winner with extreme prejudice and confidence. Envelope please…the biggest idiot in Wendover last week was me! Wendover Will the giant neon cowboy who greets visitors on the west side of town may be the biggest icon in Wendover, but for a brief few days last week, I was the biggest idiot in town. Because I went to Wendover not knowing that the ludicrous ten and eleven double-down only rule had been instituted by the Greedy Trinity on all their single-deck table games almost six months previously.

I knew about the goofy Royal Match players, and the almost-always full tables…I used workarounds for those obstacles on many previous trips to Wendover. There is no work-around for the new crappy rules. I was the biggest idiot in Wendover for going there in the first place.

I am the biggest idiot for not paying closer attention to online blackjack blogs. I accept this award on behalf of all advantage players. Pretty soon, there will no blackjack games for us to take advantage. Posted by Glen Wiggy on March 9, in Uncategorized.

I hate slow dealers. This mechanical pile of plastic and wires would drive me nuts. On a more pleasing note, congratulations to the state of Maryland for approving live blackjack at some of their gaming halls. Posted by Glen Wiggy on March 2, in Uncategorized. Mitch was part stoner, part country bumpkin, part chill, and part illiterate…but all comedic genius.

Here is a sample of his stand-up routine, starting with an observation about your favoritie pasttime and mine, gambling:. Posted by Glen Wiggy on February 20, in Uncategorized. Did you see the Super Bowl commercial by Volkswagen where the cheerful, white guy from Minnesota was talking to everyone in the office with a Jamaican accent?

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