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Triangle sides pythagorean theorem 4. It's hard to figure out a realistic budget when we are crazy for books As much as you want to be. But, in the end, I want my children to learn, not just memorize facts for a test. A maker of slow food and simple living. Of course, there are times where a discovery teaching style does not fit the content.

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Included are dozens of level-sorted puzzles that can be played interactively on the computer or printed instantly into a worksheet-- plus the tools to make custom puzzles! After the easiest level there are three more increasingly difficult levels. With more balls and a wider board the player will be busy for hours. Griddlers Victorian Picnic is a fun and intellectual game for anyone who loves logic puzzles and wants to dive into the age of Victorian England.

Develop logic and abstract thinking skills, earn rewards and trophies, find training for both beginners and veterans, vivid graphics and catchy soundtrack. More than 12 hours of gameplay! The storyline centers on a detective who is investigating the disappearance of a girl in the haunted town of Mapple Creek. After a sudden, powerful storm, you wake up to realize that you have lost your memory. Paradoxion is an advanced logic game, a true gem for those who like to solve challenging logic puzzles!

Lots of carefully crafted levels, elegant gameplay and relaxing atmosphere, everything you need for the perfect puzzle solving experience! It's easy to learn to play LunaPix. Place lights to light up all the dark squares. Clues tell you how many lights surround the clue squares. Lights can't shine on one another. Logic puzzles, each with a unique solution. Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves.

Spider, an evil wizard, has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. You must solve 60 puzzles to break the spell and return the land to sunshine.

It provides the following types of games: Games designed to challenge your reasoning and thinking skills. Games based on arithmetical operations designed to prove your mental calculation skills. Sudoku puzzle game and solver for Windows.

Hint features include scan, markup and reveal cell. You can also enter puzzles from newspapers and solve them, or see the solution. Sizes from 4x4 to 16x16 and difficulties from very easy to very hard. House of Doors is a beautiful hidden-object adventure game developed by Alawar that invites you to explore the world of Spiritism. After a session, you prepare yourself to enter a haunted mansion to discover the secrets behind it and its ghostly inhabitants.

This program has a lot of jugsaw puzzles for you to solve. My Account is for administering the "business" side of things. This is where you would enroll in a class or video-plus course , sign-up for a video course , register for a workshop , or purchase tutoring time. You can even buy gift certificates. You can also see your account history, view past purchases, check your current gift certificate balance, track tutoring time you have used, review tutoring comments and more.

The My Classes system is for students enrolled in a class. This allows students to access the virtual classroom, view class announcements, download class documents and tests, take online quizzes, check the online gradebook, and more.

Presently, paying by check is the preferred method of payment. Checks can be mailed to the address on the Contact page.

PayPal payments are also accepted for many purchases. You may also use your gift certificate balance if applicable. Classes How do I know which class best fits my child? All classes are described in detail on the classes page. There you will find information about prerequisites and information students should already know before beginning a particular class. Also, knowing your child as well as you do, often allows parents to make the correct choice based on the class descriptions.

Parents who are unsure about their student's ability level should contact us. Is there a trial period in which I can try out the online format of learning without charge? All new customers are eligible for a 2-week trial period in order to attend LIVE sessions and have access to the My Classes system. After the trial period, the full semestral commitment is expected if you decide to continue. All class sessions are recorded which allows students to make up missed classes. While missing classes is not encouraged, the occasional absence or scheduling conflict is no problem.

Students simply watch the recorded session to get caught back up with the class! Classes meet three times per week for 1 hr. Specific schedules vary by class. Please select a class for class-specific details. Most of the time, yes. However, to find out for sure and to talk through some details, please contact us. We don't want to put a student in a position to fail, so it's best to have a discussion beforehand to ensure that merging in with a class will be a good fit.

All work is shown, but isn't shown to the student initially. Students can search for a concept, term, problem type, etc. Depending on what was searched for, there could also be a brief example or two showing the technique, and some additional notes about the process, term, etc. All material will be directly correlated with the course content. This allows students to quickly reference terms, techniques, etc.

Previously, students would refer to the book for problems to do for homework assignments, then correct those assignments using hand-written answer keys. All of the work is shown for each problem, along with notes about the process.

For Geometry , Algebra II , and Pre-Calculus , you can see the textbook being used for each class along with other class-specific information by visiting each course's page. Keep in mind that the role of the book is not instructional. Instruction happens via LIVE sessions.

The book is used for doing assignments and occasionally looking at a sample problem. Assignments are an important part of the learning process. Most of the class time is used for instruction and review of previous assignments or material. Therefore doing assignments for homework is inevitable. Tests and quizzes are vital because they give another piece of information to the teacher about student progress. They are also a good opportunity for students to showcase their learning. Regular homework assignments are not turned in.

However, they are corrected by the students so they can investigate why they got certain problems wrong. Students scan their completed tests, then turn in the scans online. After the test has been corrected, the a. A detailed test answer key is also provided. There is an online gradebook that displays scores from all corrected work and other information about student progress.

Students and parents are welcome to access that information at any time. Student progress is tracked, and informal in-class observations are made which gives the teacher a more complete picture of how each student is doing.

As much as you want to be. Parents are invited to sit in on any class to observe the workings of the online classroom. Parents are encouraged to help their child with homework or help them understand concepts taught during class.

One way that parents must be involved, is with administering tests and quizzes. There are numerous help resources available in the course. There are also help forums where students can help other students, and other options as well. Ultimately, the onus for getting extra help is on the student.

If a significant amount of extra help is needed, tutoring time can be purchased. Video- Plus Courses So, how does this program work? Video- Plus courses provide a unique educational option that blends video-based and LIVE session learning. Students watch videos and complete lesson requirements on a weekly basis on their own schedule.

They also attend a weekly LIVE session to complement their learning through getting help from the teacher and interacting with other students.

Accountability is built into the program in that students are expected to meet regular weekly deadlines by having a certain amount of work completed by the next LIVE session.

You can see more program details on the video-plus courses page. Is this a "learn at your own pace" thing, or do you learn at the pace of the group? The best answer is "yes" to both sides of that question. Students are expected although not explicitly required to complete lessons, tests, etc. However, during the week students can watch the videos and do other work whenever they would like. If you are unsure how your student would fare in this structure, don't hesitate to contact us to ask questions.

There are several interactive elements to the videos. Students can click areas on the video to explore related websites referenced during instruction, there are "check-ins" built in mini quizzes at the end of each instructional segment, and the video-navigation area allows students to jump directly to the selected segment of the video.

Probably the most important interactive component is where the teacher pauses the video and asks the students to work out a problem, make an observation, or gather some materials before continuing. This helps to keep the student engaged instead of being a passive learner. Why is it important that the work is shown on all assignment and test answer keys? For students, showing work is important for being able to figure out how a problem ended up being wrong.

Since the assignment and test problems are worked out on the answer keys, this makes the diagnosing process simple. It also gives students an example of how the showing of work can be organized. While missing a session is not encouraged, the primary "vehicle of instruction" is the videos and therefore, an absent student would only miss supplemental learning.

However, all sessions are recorded which allow students to make up a missed session. Students may watch the recorded session to be current with the group. As of the school year, all Video- Plus Courses are "bookless". Yes, this is a complete program which should not need to be supplemented by anything else. Pre-Pre-Algebra , Pre-Algebra and Algebra are offerd in the Video- Plus course format and are described in detail on their respective pages.

There you will find information about prerequisites and information students should already know before beginning a particular course. This comparison chart should help distinguish the various courses as well. Also, knowing your child as well as you do, often allows parents to make the correct choice based on the course descriptions. All new customers are eligible for a 2-week trial period in order to see some full length videos and attend the weekly LIVE sessions.

Video Courses What are some features of video courses? Features are listed on the video courses page. You get 12 months from the date of purchase in which to use the course.