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Entropia Universe Support News. When you have your own company you can start making in-game money faster. Aurli Hunter dropped loot with a value of PED on I cannot speak for Entropia Universe, but I hope they also have some strategy in place to prevent inflation. The game creators can make as much in game cash as they want.

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Ships, items, and isk money are destroyed at a rate nearly as fast as they are created. Since Eve is not a game "all about" items It's a stressful game if you try to play that way and aren't good at it , they can get away with this massive destruction where many MMOs cannot.

This helps prevent the incredible amount of inflation and stockpiling which happened to Diablo 3. From my understanding, stockpiling was a worry to Eve online some time ago - players were stockpiling massive amounts of resources in null sec player-owned areas, which were supposed to have a lot of pvp , which is part of the reason they rebalanced the distribution of resources and pushed players to once again engage in more war.

I cannot speak for Entropia Universe, but I hope they also have some strategy in place to prevent inflation. The problem with "cashing out": Outside of actual gambling games where everyone puts in "real money" to begin with , a "cashing out" means that you have generated a bunch of in-game stuff and are giving them to the economy in exchange for something that is not within that economy.

Things are going in, nothing is coming out. Most people would probably prefer real money like that - compared to how most games have some "destruction" mechanism whereby you would instead destroy the item for possibly some other item. I only briefly scanned through it, but you may be interested in reading the old Terms of Service for the Diablo 3 auction house. Blizzard is a big company, and presumably had a lot of legal people working out the kinks to make it available to as many countries as possible, but still could not make the auction house available to every country - as said by some of the legalese.

They did manage to be available in most consumer countries though. When the game currency is nonconvertible, the company can freely give it away. Still, this gives the impression of a game company that is gladly giving gifts to its players. Getting gifts makes players happy and makes them come back. An aspect that not many people have covered is the psychological barrier of an intermediate currency that in-game scrips provide.

Spending gems or credits or gold doubloons is an artificial action, in game a player can justify spending 30 gems on an item and be convinced of its fictionness.

Whereas, to get more gems they can either earn them in-game or buy them in bulk as a shortcut. They aren't buying the item, they are buying some gems instead.

Seeing as how fantasy football is still considered a skill game not gambling and as such allowed to reign free and seeing as how it is by many orders of magnitude more popular than MMOs, I don't think the reason MMOs don't allow cashing out in game currency for real cash has anything to do gambling laws. There is nothing in it for them. The game creators can make as much in game cash as they want.

Why would they want to promise to exchange in game currency for real money? Even if you assume away 1 or allow in game currency transactions on ebay, etc , there's a perception that it can only hurt the game. Instead of playing the game to have fun, you'd have a cottage industry of people "playing" the game as a job.

These people would probably not be players themselves but would operate out of places with low wages and have people on accounts 24x7 taking up more in game resources and actual server resources. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. What makes MMOs with real-money economies legal? Ross Taylor-Turner 9 That's a good question, for a lawyer. I don't think many game developers can answer that. Thanks, I think I was edging towards that realization myself: Just a link of interest: Economy of Second Life en. Don't forget the tax man. But by allowing it, you make it explicit that there is a real world value, and thus attract the attention of the tax man where they might otherwise turn a blind eye.

Waite Dec 11 '15 at It's not necessarily very clear how MMO games fit into that law: So games just stay away from it. Thanks for the great, detailed answer. This probably also explains why the owners of Entropia Universe have acquired an actual banking license! There's likely also tax implications - technically in game earnings become taxable assets the instant they have a 'real world' value.

That's a can of worms no one's really keen to be opening though Sobrique An excellent point that I forgot to mention. AML Anti money laundering legislation is also a big issue; if your service allows to freely transfer money between people which a normal gambling site does not, you generally settle with the "casino operator" only then you pretty much have to choose between limiting payout amounts or having to follow "know your customer" rules which basically prohibit simple semi-anonymous registration without proven link to a particular real world identity.

An example of this is implied in the Wikpedia section I linked; I don't think the strategy has ever been tested in court so its viability may be poor. Peter 9, 1 21 Thanks for your answer. I realise there are much greater risks involved with linking game money and real money, and indeed I'd expect hacking attacks would be drawn to it like a magnet.

I guess I'm really wondering how Entropia Universe doesn't seem to have attracted any of the legal trouble I'd expect, despite being highlighted in several news articles over the amount of funds moved in transactions within, and specifically out of, the game. I'd assume the creators would have to comply with gambling laws but that doesn't seem to be the case.

RossTurner I wouldn't be concerned about gambling laws. Money laundering is a much bigger problem. And that is an issue that requires you to consult specialized lawyers for every country you're active in. Relaxing and having carefree run is not what I'd use to describe whatever it is that these kids are doing, the cut-throat little bastards. Plus IIRC organised criminals have been known to use games to co-ordinate their businesses; a game such as Entropia Universe would seem, then, to be ideal for their needs.

Remember the Ferengi Rule of Acquisition number 1: Once you have their money, you never give it back. DoubleDouble 1 9. I hadn't realized that Blizzard tried to have a real money auction house in a game with non-degradable items! I was never into Diablo, so I missed that one.

I can't believe they would be that ignorant of basic economics! They basically just set up a perfect inflationary death spiral. On the other hand, if an MMO like SWG had had a real money auction house, it would have worked because items degraded with use and crafting new ones was a fundamental aspect of the game.

Blizzard seems to really be behind the curve when it comes to crafting and in-game economics. Surprising for a big company. Of course, the game money shouldn't be TOO freely given away or nobody spend real money for it. Stig Hemmer 1 4. There are other reasons, but this is a valid one. He left out the "but when the currency can be cashed out, all of these possibilities are lost", but it's not hard to infer.

However, it does answer the primary question of the text: When you have your own company you can start making in-game money faster. How fast depends on the type of company, your location and the competition. To get products you need someone to work for your company, which is usually other players, that you pay for the work they perform.

As you progress you can start fighting other players for profit and partake in wars. Those activities are expensive, but at the same time potentially lucrative. There are three in-game currencies, local currency like the USD , gold, and euro. The euro can be traded for real euro's, while the gold can be used for global trading and the local currency for local trading. There is an fluctuating exchange rate between these currencies, with the euro being worth about 50 USD at the time this is written.

Personally I find this game a rather interesting hobby as it takes very little time from my daily schedule. If you think you would enjoy this game you should try it out. It's absolutely free to try. Goal Tycoon is produced by the same people that made Market Glory. It is a browser based, free to play, real cash economy game, which launched This game is essentially a football manager simulator.

You control a team in your local league, you need to train the players, upgrade your buildings and get better trainers and youths which will later take over from current players.

The season in Goal tycoon is roughly 30 days to complete, with a game played every day. The finances are pretty straight forward. For each home-game you can sell tickets and you also earn for each game won. For each match you need to pay your teams salary and transport cost if it is playing an away game.

Essentially a good team makes money and a bad team loses money. Like with all the other games there is a referral program. It can be a clever choice to play both Goal Tycoon and Market glory as they are linked, both the markets and you can transfer funds between the games. Entropia Universe is probably the most famous real cash economy games out there.

It's been around for more that a decade and still going strong. It is a sci-fi MMO that takes place on several planets. You can then use this money to purchase weapons, ammunition and armor and go hunt creatures, you can buy mining equiment and mine for resources, you can become a craftsman and many more.

However, it's worth a note that it is almost impossible to come out with a profit unless you invest heavily both time and money in this game. At starting levels you are almost guaranteed to lose money every time you go hunting or mining. As your skills increase these losses decrease but it is only at very high levels where this starts to turn around, and then only if you have the proper gear.

Personally I like playing this game occasionally and then budget how much I spend each month 30 USD in my case. I find that is the only reasonable way to enjoy this game. You can however invest in company stocks, purchase real estate, build up a network of contacts and trade your way into profits, this however requires extensive investments.

It is a real sandbox fantasy MMO where the in-game currency is silver which can only be bought with real life currency or acquired from other players. This silver can then be sold for cash between players. I mention this game as an afterthought as it does not support the sale of in-game currency. It is however not forbidden and there are several players that sell their silver coins for real euro's. As the game does not support the sale of silver they are usually handled over the forums and require a degree of trust.

There are however several sellers of silver that have earned the trust of the player base. Goldentowns is a rather new free to play browser based strategic game that focuses on building a city, producing resources, trading and war. You start of with a small town and need to upgrade roads and buildings to get a stronger economy, a happier populace, and higher level. The endgame of this is to be able to trade workers and resources and mine gold.

Gold is the currency in-game and can be traded for real cash. The total amount of gold is fixed at The game developers also claim that all the gold in-game is insured with real life gold that in increasing incrementally.

The game also allows you to purchase shares in towns, countries and the game itself for gold. As such there is a growing share market in the game. I've just started playing this game and haven't progressed far yet. So far I find it interesting and it fits into my daily routine as it's not time consuming. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I just started playing http: As far as I can see it is simulation browser game, You are owner of museum with statues of mythological beings.

I will give it a try, if someone wants to try it also please use my ref link, it will help me to grow a bit faster. Another great game I just stumbled upon is called Planet of Dreams. I found it about a month ago and in that little bit of time, I'm already doing much better than I have in the years of playing the others. If you decide to check it out, please use my user ID, You will understand why once you get into game and start playing. Thanks in advance if you try it out.

Here is the link: Golden towns i a good one. This is really interesting thank you for sharing it. At first, I want to thank you for bringing these games here together. Actually these are all new games for me: Hmm some interesting new games to look at I'm already in entropia Universe, but some of the others are new. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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