Left 4 Dead

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Left 4 Dead Review. The Apocalypse is Upon Us

Left 4 Dead PC Game Overview

Cerita dari game Left 4 Dead adalah bahwa. Ada virus yang sangat berbahaya yang menyerang pada sejumlah negara dan besar masyarakat terinfeksi oleh virus ini. Virus ini merusak sel-sel tubuh manusia. Jadi sekarang pemerintah negara memutuskan untuk memberikan tugas untuk pemain dan timnya mencoba untuk mengendalikan virus ini dan membantu orang-orang yang terinfeksi. Ketika pemain dan timnya mulai kampanyenya. Beberapa makhluk datang dan mulai berkelahi dengan pemain dan timnya.

Jadi sekarang pertempuran dimulai antara pemain dan musuh. Dalam pemain game ini juga dapat menggunakan berbagai jenis senjata pertama ketika pemain mulai pertandingan dia juga bisa hanya menggunakan pistol. Tapi ketika hasil untuk tingkat yang lebih tinggi dari permainan maka ia juga akan menemukan lebih banyak senjata.

Bullshit September 18, at 6: Game runs but cant even play online. Cr00Z September 24, at 4: How To Use Game..? Prince rahmat October 27, at 7: Fullypcgames November 8, at 9: Old Man November 19, at 6: Does it work on Win 10? D December 13, at 9: Hellx December 19, at 1: Sh1t August 16, at 1: Admin August 16, at 1: No you can play offline. Is this full version?? Abubakar February 10, at 5: Denis May 14, at 1: Anonymous September 4, at Does this have sacrifices?

DeathNoted September 7, at Is it work if i use BitTorrent? Admin September 7, at 4: Lingesh September 18, at 8: Reiatsu November 8, at Admin January 3, at 6: Drew January 4, at Admin January 4, at Yes included just download full version from torrent link.

Direct link is Ripped game. The torrent link is not working admin, Please help Reply. Drew January 5, at 7: Just tried it out for the first time. I was surprised to see that my fps is all over the place. Anyone else have similar problems? Realism won't help the shooting mechanics are so loose in l4d2 wis3boi L4D2 is all about versus, so if you weren't playing that, you weren't even playing the game and versus is hell of a lot more entertaining than KF. Yughh never liked l4d. I was hoping it'll be free forever, so I can co-op with friends.

Meh no thanx to free weekend. Bikouchu35 You still can while it lasts. There is an achievement you can get for helping a free user survive a campaign. Not that anyone really cares about those anyway though.

I really enjoyed both kf and l4d2. Are people here so 1-dimensional that if they like 1 game, they feel obligated to hate another game or just cant enjoy another?

Left 4 Dead has always sucked. It will continue to suck forever and ever. Even if it was always free I would never even waste my bandwidth on it. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. BattleSpectre Follow Forum Posts: Yep i saw this on Steam, too bad i was gifted the game ages ago. Why did you ruin such abeautiful thing valve!?

The new survivors suck. DanielDust Follow Forum Posts: Well, you can play as the survivors from the first game with the updated weapons and graphics. Although I am not sure if all of the content will be available to free users, they have added the original campaigns into the 2nd game. SovietsUnited Follow Forum Posts: Might as well add in the title "for a weekend". Elann Follow Forum Posts: Might get on L4D2 because of the weekend popu.

Left 4 Dead