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I beleive that RIM has a right to protect what they have worked to build over the last 8 years, and Samsung should be hung out to dry. Kylie Manders , 12 Dec I'm giving the Samsung Black Jack a four and the Blackberry a three. My kindle 4th gen a tab search box at the top that i cannot make go away I get it, it's supposed to be a work horse, it's all business. Windows mobile is a media rich environment and runs great on blackjack II since it has HSDPA giving you around 1 megabit per second data speeds.

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What is Black Jack?

Just checking, because that would be the point of RIM protecting themselves. The point is these are extremely similar devices; and BlackJack gets instant credibility because of what the name BlackBerry has become in the world of mobile PDAs. It's almost like what happens in the illegal duplication capital of the world - China. And what does "my device is better than your device" have to do with this anyway?

Who cares, that's not the point. Everyone knows what I say is best is best, and what you like sucks. Solo , 12 Dec 2: You have to admit, blackberry, blackjack, similar looking devices, similar looking names. It's just as though samsung picked the name just to be sued and reap the free publicity.

But it's probably giving them too much credit. OldGeek , 12 Dec 3: Considering that when RIM launched its first Blackberry in , Samsung was selling nothing but cheap useless junk. I beleive that RIM has a right to protect what they have worked to build over the last 8 years, and Samsung should be hung out to dry.

Instead of trying to copy someone else build your own empire. The Captain , 13 Dec The thought behind this is the fact that the BlackBerry and the BlackJack are the same type of product. People see the "Black" on a PDA with a thumb keyboard and assume that it is from the same product line. RIM is not wrong to want to protect that Trademark and stop Sammy from being sneaky and riding on their coat tails to make a few extra dollars off of someone elses mark.

FrC , 13 Dec 2: Black has a lot more letters in it than Mc ;-. There seems to be the usual laypeople's misunderstanding of trademark law here. No, it's not a matter of "now there can't be anything at all with black in its name. So Frankenberry cereal , black jack video games , and likewise black man human, hopefully not a commercial product and Black Friday not a commercial product are not relevant here.

If RIM presents evidence of actual consumer confusion, like the kind mentioned by some of the posters, it could be devastating in court. I'm surprised Samsung pushed the envelope this far here. I haven't heard Samsung's legal arguments yet with real lawyers, they would not make some of the arguments posted here , but I expect that this will be expensive for Samsung and may require them to pull and rename the product.

Mike is at TheLaw. I think that this article hit the nail on the head. Imagine what a RIM win would mean on a global scale - we'd increase the already massive number of absurd lawsuits by a factor of Now I'm not saying that Samsung wasn't clever in choosing a name that people may think is an association, but that's RIM's own choosing.

But if you even think that trademark law is problematic, as the article points out, US patent law issues are an even bigger joke in the US.

I'm wondering whether I should start a social networking site because Friendster just received a patent. RIM knows all about this game. It's about showing face, although by suing Samsung, it's providing free publicity and is cutting off its own nose to spite the face I understand that the law firm representing RIM in this case is collecting stories from people who experienced or know about any type of confusion between BlackJack and BlackBerry.

Anyone with examples or other information can email jg gmail. Online Casino Planet , 20 May 3: Whether you are a fresher or a professional, Online Casino Planet is your one stop entertainment for online gambling. Many phones that embed their number keys into a QWERTY keyboard have problems with dialing but the well differentiated buttons on the Blackjack II made dialing quick and easy. The Blackjack II performed well in our audio tests.

There were only very minor issues with the audio sent and received by the handset that most people will never notice. As a multimedia device the Blackjack II is adequate but not as good as an iPhone. Windows Media Player handles music and video playback and does a solid job. You can easily synchronize media with your computer using Windows Media Player on your desktop. Running Windows Mobile Standard the Blackjack II provides users with a flexible and powerful operating system, albeit one that has a steep learning curve.

Any software shortfalls can be easily addressed with third party application, of which there are thousands available. Web browsing is handled by Internet Explorer Mobile, and although adequate it is not as good an experience as you find on the iPhone or Series 60 devices from Nokia.

The interface is fairly responsive, but we did notice lag in some applications. With an excellent keyboard the Blackjack II is a very good messaging device.

Maybe they should call it a Snore Berry, ha. The Samsung Black Jack gets a four and the Blackberry gets a three. It's not looking good for the Blackberry, but maybe it won't be as embarrassing as it could be.

There was some slight echo, but the speaker phone did a good job as well. And the volume level made hearing no problem. The Blackberry wasn't bad either, especially over the speaker phone. But there were some instances of muffling in a call. Or maybe we should stop testing the phones in the pillow room. You don't have a pillow room? And here are the final scores. The Black Jack wins with 21 over the Blackberry's Oh snap, that was more brutal that I expected.

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