House Advantage - How the Rules Affect it

This could even be based on quality of drink service or amount of smoke in the air if either is a priority to you. The standard number of decks most online casinos use these days is 8. Check the BJ survey for the games with the lowest house advantage that 1 you can afford, and 2 are located somewhere you'd be comfortable playing. This game, evocative of old grandeur, has a higher player edge when played on the single zero version of the wheel. Backgammon is a popular table game at online casinos.

Hit or Stand on Soft 17

Blackjack Rules and the House Edge

Being able to split Aces is especially important for the player, as some blackjack variants count Ace and point card hands after a split as naturals, paying them at the more favorable odds for a blackjack.

The standard rule is that split Aces receive 1 more card and then stand, but if the player can hit hands of split Aces, this reduces the house edge by 0. If Aces can be resplit, then the house edge is lowered by 0. Essentially, the more restrictions a game places on your ability to split, the higher the house edge is likely to be.

If you take a rules base of split up to 4 hands, no doubling on split hands, and Aces can be split but not hit or resplit, then you should be able to roughly work out how the house advantage has been affected by the rule differences. That standard base has an optimal house edge of about 0. Those that are more restrictive with splitting are likely to have quite a high house edge for a blackjack variant. The standard payout for winning with a blackjack is to pay 3 to 2, which may not seem that much better than the even money payout on normal wins, but you'll be cheating yourself if you believe that.

Some blackjack tables pay 6: This is the most important of the common rules variants to pay attention to, as the 6: It's a subtle rules difference to the unwary player, so be on the lookout for lower blackjack payouts.

The standard number of decks most online casinos use these days is 8. The less decks used, the more advantageous it is for the player. As has been mentioned beware using a single rule as a yardstick for whether to play a game or not.

Normally, when fewer decks than 8 are used, the casino will make up for it with other less favorable rules. Single deck games in particular attract disadvantageous rules like honey attracts flies. If a casino offers blackjack with fewer decks and very few disadvantageous rules changes, then the house edge should be significantly lower than at other casinos. Get in on a game like that while it lasts, as casinos are known to occasionally release such games for a limited time, and then retract them once they have attracted new players to the casino.

While the US tends to play blackjack with one dealer card face up, many blackjack variants in the rest of the world have no dealer hole card.

This changes basic strategy, as the player has no information on the likelihood of an outright dealer win, which could put double down or split hand bets at greater risk. The effect is a 0. Not surprisingly, different blackjack rules can have an impact on the size of the house edge.

The following is a rundown of how different rule changes can affect the house advantage. All rule changes and their effects are rated against a typical game with the following rules: This game would have a house edge of about 0. Remember, the lower the house edge the better.

So negative values below are better for the player while positive values are better for the casino. Many promotional rules are sometimes offered which can offer a lot of help to the player. For instance, if blackjacks pay , the house advantage is reduced by 2. The following are some possible promotional rules variations that help the player, along with the amount by which they reduce the house edge:. Most players have heard that blackjack games with fewer decks are friendly to players, but you might be surprised to find that the differences between these games are relatively small.

In fact, the player will see almost no advantage unless only one or two decks are being used. One of the biggest rules variations between various casino blackjack games is whether the dealer stands on all 17s, or hits on soft 17s an Ace with another card or cards that total up to You should note that downtown and off-strip casinos are more likely to give you some food comps for that play level.

But, you would have to leave the strip. Really you should only do this if you were planning to anyway. Chasing a free buffet or two above all else really shouldn't be your priority.

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