Choctaw Casino & Resort Durant Review

From the greeters at the door to the people at the buffet to the ticket folks at the event center -- everyone was incredibly nice and seemed to like their job. The Poker Lounge includes a total of 30 tables and is spread across its own private floor with a separate staff. I still get the free buffet cards, and overnight stays for free, but I can't use them, as I now have serious mechanical issues with my vehicle. Louisiana has LS and S17 with no ante, making the Winstar nothing else than a tourist stop unless you are an intense poker player. I have to say that the hotel is really well done. The pools and slide are both opened until 10PM daily.

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DonE , Aug 20, These are the most accurate casino listings available: Sonny , Aug 21, This forum will tell you that this type of game is unbeatable. NDN21 , Aug 22, Winstar Casino Avoid The only good advice about Winstar Casino is to stay away from all of their games.

The ante is bad enough but ask them why they charge you for it and they will tell one of their more famous lies about how the state of OK mandates that the casino charges this fee in order to help send Native American children to school etc.

This establishment has been accused of and participates in several unethical practices death threats, cheating, deception, you name it. A 50 cent ante for Blackjack? I've never even heard of that. Oklahoma state law requires that the ante be "paid" in order to have the right to play. I've never known Winstar or the other Choctaw casino in the Southwestern portion of the state to waive or pay the ante for the player.

However, the Osage tribe and the Creek Tribes in the Northeastern portion of the state, specifically in Tulsa. Additionally, the Quapaw tribe, who owns the Downstream Casino on the Oklahoma - Missouri border, pays the ante every day of the week. As an avid blackjack player, I'd never play at Windstar because of the ante and because each table has CSMs. Jun 16, Threads: September 1st, at Dec 8, Threads: The place is a palace. Aside from the lack of an ante, pretty decent VP there as well.

Sep 24, Threads: The Sous Chef prepared excellent omelettes stuffed with items of your choice,the only down side to the buffet was they had some of the same items on the menu as dinner.

My overall experience i would rate as good. You must keep in mind who they are catering too when going there. Overall i would call it upscale in Oklahoma casinos and that is not bad. Okay I am a frequent player but not at Choctaw anymore. I am headed back to Shreveport.

The old Choctaw was pretty good at times. I hit a few Jackpots. But the new side is dead. I have been 3 times since opening and nothing. I have not won anything and have yet to see any jackpots being paid. You can loose your money fast on the new side. Me and 4 of my friends visited the new casino on the grand opening. We all had lost all our money in only about 2 hours. We know casinos are in business to make money. Casinos have to make spending your hard earned money fun.

Tease the customers and give a little pay back. My friends spent much more. There was no fun to be had at the new Choctaw Casino for us. It's back to Shreveport for us where there is free food, free room, and much more fun loosing our money. My husband and I decided that we would like to visit the new Choctaw Hotel in Durant. Well we booked kinda late The Microtel that is in the same parking lot was wonderful. The entire place was very clean and the front desk attentant was very nice and helpful.

As soon as we got checked in, we headed over to the casino to check it out. Well the old side was still their and there were lots of new machines that were brought in to update this side. Still some oldies that was nice to see as well.

We didnt know how to get to the new side and found out that you needed to go through a little hallway to get there. When we arrived at the new side I was soooooo excited. The casino had sooooo many machines to choose from and even machines that I have not seen before. I got on a machine with in minutes and started to play. I continued to play around 30 machines in the 3 hours I was there. I talked to alot of the guest and had a great experience with how pleasant the staff was.

They had alot f help on the floor and if a machine was down That was nice to see. I dont mind lossing the money but I would like to win a little to extend my play time and I love just watching bonus games.

After loosing my money, I walked around and was watching others play. No one was winning or getting excited.

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