Casino Birthday Party Ideas

Honeycomb Personalized Cornhole Set. Get a projector and a big screen set up in your backyard and lay out a bunch of comfortable sheets and pillows so the teens can just spread out and be comfortable during the entertainment. Check out which games are common to the general guest interest. As your guests walk into the party room make sure they smoothly slide into the casino theme. This game is where the birthday guests are put under the spotlight and grilled by the guest of honor. In the morning, they can all enjoy the sun and the fresh air over a cup of coffee or juice.

2. Movie Marathon Slumber Party

Birthday party games for adults

Free to print out and use at you next party. Rules, set up, instructions are included on the Truth or Dare page. Clean, rated G for all ages. Bowling Bowling is fun and when you have all your friends together it can't be beat. For more fun see our Bowling party ideas page for fun games to play while you are bowling. Come up with fun awards for different categories like highest score, lowest score, most creative, most entertaining etc. Carriage Ride Ride through downtown in a horse drawn carriage for an extra special 18th birthday memory.

Circus If the circus is in town treat your friends to fun under the big top! Day at the Mall Spend the day at the mall with your friends. Make it extra special and fun with a fun Mall Scavenger Hunt game. Choose from 8 different scavenger hunts - all have free lists to print out and most don't require any money to be spent. Bring along a picnic lunch for everyone to enjoy. Escape Room Spend some time with 7 - 10 friends solving clues on how to escape from a locked room.

Golfing Rent golf carts and play a round of golf with friend Gymnastics Gym Rent out a gymnastics gym and guests can tumble on the mats, use the trampolines and jump into the foam pits. Hayride If the party is during the Fall find a local hayride for the party! Horseback Ride Go on a horseback ride to celebrate the 18th birthday in style. There are many stables that have 1, 2, or 3 hours rides available for groups. Hot Air Balloon Ride Once in a lifetime experience for 18 year old parties!

Indoor skydiving There are many indoor skydiving venues that are great for parties. Limo Ride Rent a limo and have the party guests driven around town all night. Go for ice cream, dinner, and a fun party venue in style! Mini Golf Give out funny awards or prizes for the lowest and highest scores, most creative and most entertaining golfers.

Movie Gather together at the movie theater for a special movie or new release. Is there a major movie coming out with a midnight showing?

Then have a sleepover after the movie. Paint Ball Paint ball is a fun and active way to celebrate your birthday! Painting Class Paint a picture with your friends at a local painting party class. River Float Spend the day floating down a lazy river on inner tubes and floats.

Rock Climbing Indoor or outdoor rock climbing is fun for everyone. Ropes Course Sign up your friends for a challenging ropes course and see who is the bravest! Great fun and will bond your friendships forever.

That night, my dog had the pleasure of consuming the bones of about buffalo wings that were discarded in the garden. I swear it was the best night of her life. All that attention — and all those bones! The party was very well albeit subtly supervised in that my parents invited my uncles, aunts and their friends over to join them for their own private party is a separate section of the house. I ran wild with my friends and we lived out all the drama that 18 year olds enjoy engaging in at parties.

No one was injured. Everyone got home safely. We all had a great time. But that was 21 years ago. Back before Facebook event pages existed! Back before gate crashers were a force to be reckoned with!

Things are a little different now. Today, teenagers and parents have to be much more creative in their choice of party. Ideal for 18 year olds who are into physical activity and physical fun, the Weekend Adventure Party is an opportunity to enjoy clean air, good company, great food and plenty of wholesome excitement. Accommodation options, depending on budget, may include camping, cabins, house for hire or a hotel. An early night, as a result of healthy exhaustion, can only be a good thing!

Ideas for activities to consider include: Wherever you decide to stay, be sure your guests know the ground rules — both your rules and the house rules.

Be sure to consider safety. For something a little more relaxed and controlled, turn your home into a cinema. Transform the space into an authentic cinema experience with popcorn, soft drinks, hot dogs, chips and candy galore. Hire a popcorn machine and fairy floss machine. The teenage boys will love having a go as well. Bring the sophistication of a casino into a safe space at home where the bets are smaller and the risks fewer. There are an abundance of casino themed party supplies you can buy online to make a real splash.

Hire the equipment you need; options range from simple tables to spectacular lit up LED designs. The last thing you want is the fire department or the police shutting down the fun. Provide structure around the evening by inviting each guest to prepare some performances to share with the group — it might be singing, guitar, drumming, storytelling or poetry slam.

Marshmallow roasting is compulsory. This is not meant to be a sleep over event or an out of control rager with people.

More of a chilled night sharing performance with friends. Once the party is over, everyone can make their way home. Is your 18 year old daughter a princess?

Or your 18 year old son a prince? Give him or her the mantle of Queen or King for the night and be royal. The guy in this video below is not only hilarious, but has some great ideas. All your friends will have so much fun pretending to be royal for the night. You live and learn!

10 Fun Game Ideas for 18 Year Olds