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Make sure that the bill value is clear to read. That means if you try to cheat in any way, if you try to alter the outcome of the game you are labelled an "undesirable" and you are blackbaned. Every time you pay your bills, be in the energy of gratitude that you have creditors that trust you and offer you their services. On a US dollar this would be "One Dollar". Background Woman exults pumping fists ecstatic celebrates success under money rain falling down dollar bills banknotes.

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Often, in this business, you are expected to produce something in an instance. You saved me a lot of stress. And thanks to Hasbro as well. I want to use this money to teach my 6 home educated children about financial responsibility, so thank you for providing these files. Not right size Geez how about a thanks! I have a great nephew who just turned 2 yrs. So rather than give him the real deal I opted for Monopoly money or play money, which one cannot fine any longer. So again thanks for the loan of the PDF and abundant blessings to you and your family.

It is exactly that I need. These links worked perfectly today. Thank you for the files. Monopoly money is probably the only way it will ever get paid off. I will use these to engrave Granite boarders to surround my Custom Granite Monopoly board!! Thanks, I could not find this kind of quality anywhere else on the WEB!! An update on the black and white version of these that I created back in — I just noticed that Dropbox seem to have changed their sharing settings and broke the link.

This updated one should work: Thank you so much for this submission! Almost 10 years from the original post, and still working! Any thoughts to what paper to use? Some suggest multipurpose pastel 20 75gsm acid free, but monopoly money feels thinner than 20 and the print does not bleed through.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Perfect — these links worked today Dec 28, This web site rocks! We printed free money, it was great! Thanks, it worked for me too. Wednesday, the 22nd of September: Always carry money in your wallet or billfold.

I have plenty of money. Whenever you spend money, notice how you feel. If you feel uncomfortable and nervous because you are worried that the money you are spending might not be replaced, the signal you are sending out is one of lack and lack will be returned to you. When you spend money, create a positive, peaceful feeling and trust that as you spend money you create a vacuum for more money to come into your life. Always stay within your current means of income and at the same time create a vibration of prosperity to create more coming in the future.

Every time you pay your bills, be in the energy of gratitude that you have creditors that trust you and offer you their services. Acquire sound money-management skills to assist you in staying in integrity with your money. When you communicate about money, do you talk about not having enough and focus your words on lack and struggle with money?

That's as good as it gets! It's designed to look clearly unreal if a cashier looks at it close up. If you need Close-Up money, get our High-Grade. It looks very real, and it's perfect for closeups, but it is only printed on 1 side, to insure that it is legal and it looks great! If you need it faster we can ship Fedex. Here is Young Dolph using our 2-sided Standard-Grade: My name is RJ. Here's some help to get the best look. Get stacks of Standard Grade. Has bills in each stack. Get more if you need it.

Looks perfect for fanning, flashing, making it rain money, and all your normal scenes. Need a close-up shot? Get stacks of High Grade for close-ups. It looks VERY real, but it's only printed on 1 side. If you are making Music Videos, you will need it again and again for your next videos, so buy it. If you need help with camera placement, lighting, or tips, call me. If your video looks good, you will come back to me to buy more, and you will tell other artists about me.

I always try to make you look good! We made 17 design changes to the front side, and 11 design changes made to the back side. Original artwork has been replaced and completely redesigned with different artwork. In addition, we replaced the seals with totally different seals.

Furthermore, the money is NOT printed on both sides. The back is left blank. This is perfect for anyone needing a realistic WAD of money. Its made of 35 bills. Ideal for drug deal scenes, bank roll scenes, Music Videos, etc.

Standard-Grade Filler-Stack blank paper inside. You buy it and own it: Every bill is printed on BOTH sides all the way through. Every bill is printed front and back. If your'e making a music video, get stacks for a good full look. If you're making it rain, you will need 4 stacks minimum to make a descent looking shot. You own it for: This is Standard-Grade Full-Print. Full print means it's fully-printed on every bill printed on front and back all the way through.

Perfect for fanning, flashing or raining money. It's so realistic we're only able to print it on 1 side. If we printed it on both sides it would look too real and it would be considered counterfeit. Can't use it for rain scenes because it's blank on the back side. Get this for your close-up shots. We can put your face or your company on Prop Money! Send us a photo or your face, your company, or your logo, and we can put it on Prop Money! Call for info on putting your face on money!

Call RJR Props for more info We strictly follow all laws and guidelines regarding the production of prop money. We will not produce illegal counterfeit so please do not ask us. RJR made a pallet of money for a recent show on the West Coast. The base is a fine polished wood laqcuer. The cover is a heavy-duty acrylic dome with built in lighting. We used over stacks of money to create the outer shell design.

It was all printed, hand-cut, strapped, hand stacked, and we used a proprietary method to hold it together in perfect columns. It weighs over lbs. This is is for Close-ups. But it's so realistic we can only print it on one side. Printed all the way thru: Standard-Grade Filler-Stacks blank paper inside.

It's filled with blank paper to save money. Ideal for cheap piles of money, and low-cost money in a duffle bag or briefcase. It's filled with blank paper inside to save money. Ideal for fanning, flashing and making it rain money.

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