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The simple reason behind such worries is that without being able to see a person dealing the cards, how can they know it is legitimate? Fund Your Account Those who want to play for real money need to fund their account. Play Now at SportsBetting. Our man on the ground in Las Vegas regularly hits the Vegas Strip to survey the casinos and find the best blackjack games in Vegas. Before you place your bets there are things to consider. The house edge for European Blackjack is 0. Playtech Royale Blackjack rules include:

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They currently have a staggering dealers who are well trained and cater to audiences from the UK, Italy, Spain and Romania. They have several blackjack variations but their regular tables use 8 decks with the option to sidebet on Perfect Pairs. Sparing no expense, Playtech built a large studio of 8, square metres in Latvia back in February and have clearly set their goal to be the leader in the live dealer space.

You can read our complete review of Playtech's live dealers here. Founded in , Extreme Live Gaming has a studio based in London and offers live blackjack with 8 decks similarly to other providers. What sets them apart however is their "LiveBox" product which streams a feed from an actual land based casino where you can place bets alongside people inside the venue itself. Unfortunately this is only available for their roulette games but it will be interesting if they ever provide this experience for blackjack at some stage.

The house edge with the most optimal strategy is at a very low 0. The rules for European Blackjack are well known, especially on online casinos. The house edge for European Blackjack is 0. Hybrid Blackjack offers a live casino and virtual casino experience in one. Once the seats on a table are filled, players can still sit alongside the players and have cards virtually generated. The rules for Hybrid Blackjack are the same as the rules for Blackjack Unlimited except that splitting to more than two hands is not allowed.

This does have a minor 0. Blackjack Unlimited is a variant of blackjack where there is only one spot and an unlimited number of players can bet on the hand. Actually, other versions have up to three spots that you can bet on but in the case of Ezugi their game only has one.

Despite the fact that everyone is playing the same hand, people are allowed to play their own hand how they want it and if they choose to stay while someone else chooses to hit that card does not affect them.

One advantage to the Blackjack Unlimited variant is the game speed. Because there is only one hand to play rounds are significantly faster than at a normal table. Unfortunately, they do cut off what appears to be three decks out of eight. The documentation suggests a house edge of 0. Assuming you can resplit to four hands and the game is played with the European No Hole Card rule the house edge is actually 0. Offering a variety of different themed tables, Ezugi has some great options when it comes to live blackjack.

In fact, they are one of the only providers who offer the early surrender option which can be found in any of their American Blackjack tables with a very low 0.

You can read more about Ezugi and their catalogue of games here. Having said that there was an incident that went viral in February where video footage of a dealer dealing cards in a peculiar manner lead many to believe BetOnline was intentionally cheating. There is no concrete evidence that this was either an accident made by the dealer or purposeful second dealing.

It does make you wonder though, since it's so easy to record video footage of gameplay, why would a casino even attempt to rig their games in a manner like this?

While they all practically offer the normal RNG style blackjack, it takes a lot of resources to provide a solution for live blackjack so many of the smaller casinos are unable to provide it. Casinos have shuffle policies in place to avoid players gaining any advantage through card counting. Although the interface can get a little bit annoying on a small screen, there are several casinos that do provide live blackjack solutions for mobile. If you've ever been curious where twitch streamer sodapoppin plays, he plays at BetOnline which is a US casino brand.

While there is no definitive winning strategy, you can still apply our basic blackjack strategy charts to avoid any mistakes.

Live Blackjack If you've ever played blackjack online before, I think you'd agree that you're always wondering: Is this game rigged? How different is this compared to playing at the casino?

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Meet Me In Fantasyland. I have been shopping at the store on Marks street for years. Today I was treated by the manager like I was an idiot. I was at the store when it opened today and went by the cooler section and grabbed a few of the Kraft packs of the sliced cheese. At that time there was no sign stating there was a limit. So I continued with my shopping and when I got to the register I heard the cashier tell the customer in front of me that there was a limit on the cheese.

Both of us told her that there was no sign so she said that the manager came and told her that he placed a limit sign up but this was after we had the items in the cart. So the manager told her it was okay for the customer in front of me to have the 4 packs. I then asked the manager when did he place the sign up and I told him it was not up when he opened the store and he looked at me and said "Are you sure you did not see a sign?

I told the cashier that I wanted the 4 packs like he gave the other customer and she said she would need to get an approval from the manager. On a previous visit, I was in the back by bread section which was empty and there was another regular customer speaking to one of the employees asking her if they were going to place any bread out.

The employee told her that the manager did not want to put the bread out but she went in the back and brought the whole rack out and told the customer to pick what she wanted.

The customer then turned to me and asked if wanted something from the rack and I told her no that I would wait. At that time the employee looked at me and said "Who said I was putting this out? I can understand limits, but make sure the signs are posted before you open the store. The manager then said that other customers complained because they do not have the chance to buy the name brand items.

If this is the case then they need to be there when the store opens and items should be on a first come first service basis. Do I need to shop here NO, did I like to yes but not anymore. You need to treat customers with respect, and you will not find respect at this store. They have a manager in training. She states her name is Keke No hair on the side, wears glasses. She stated, "I don't know how to give a refund.

Waved me off and stated, "I have other things to do" and then snatched the marker not pen out my hand. I stated, "May I have your cooperate? I was visiting Santa Ana store. Never been in the store before. As I was walking the aisles some of them were so empty. My problem didn't start until I try to find someone to get an item down from on top of the call storage.

It was a bear in a box for When I finally found somebody to get one down he handed it to me and walked away.

I was examining the bear and found one of the paws was dirty like grease so I just took it to the register and decided to pay so I can ask there to get a newer one. Well that didn't go very well. The girl was very bothered by me asking. It showed in her face so I decided I would tell her I'll help her put my things in the bed when she finally found someone to get another box to move that box was torn apart.

I asked for lightly feeling bad that I was bothering her if I can get one more box because this was a gift for my granddaughter and I didn't want to show up with a messed up box. Now that didn't go well either. I paid for my item and she started taking the next person while all my stuff was on the counter that I paid for. Since she has an attitude I gave her the bag and said, "I was just trying to help you but you go ahead and put everything in the bag yourself now.

She told me that she does not back anything unless I buy a bag from her. One of my bags was a bag purchased at a different store. The other bag was a bag regular bag purchase inside the store about 6 months ago. I was so surprised I asked her to show me a sign that says they do not put things in a bag unless you buy a bag. From now I've never heard of such a thing. I've been to several 99 Cent Only Stores never been treated like this.

What really upset me was that she continued on with the girl behind me and then try to start the next person behind that girl and I said she needed to bag my stuff.

I had no idea what the new law that in order for them to bag your items you had to buy a bag from them. I will never go back to that store and I hope nobody else does either.

I have shopped at 99 Cents Only store since they first opened. The store has totally gone downhill in recent years to the point of not wanting to shop there anymore. First and most inexcusable is their alleged "security". Most of the time they are either sitting in their car in the parking lot or chatting friendly with the shoplifters as though they know them while the clerks do his job of trying to detain them until the police come, which never happens.

They always take off and the security doesn't even bother to go after them, to get a license plate, description of car or people or anything. One particular loudmouth security person is rude, obnoxious, ignorant, loud, disrespectful, power hungry, directly lies in an attempt to puff up himself, sits in his car in the parking lot listening to music, acts as a parking police rather than security, "disrupts the operation of the store and the mgrs' duties over parking issues because he's a drama queen.

I'm convinced the security is who is bringing in the undesirables to the store. I have been in the store when shoplifting was going on and it's always been the employees who catch them. The security is totally worthless. If you can find them Watching the clerks do the job they are supposed to do. What I also hate about this store I once loved is that more often than not they close early before their stated hours.

I'll run over to get something at 10 min before 10 and they have decided to close early. It doesn't matter if you needed just one thing They won't recognize a faithful regular customer. In fact they are downright rude. If something says 99 cent underneath it that's what it should be. Not at this store.

Their items are not clearly marked. Quite often you can get the same or better brand item for cheaper at a regular store. Management acts totally unconcerned with store issues or the fact it's become a hub for the homeless, shoplifters and panhandlers.

The alleged security protects them more than they do the victims. So, I wouldn't recommend this store unless you want some abuse and disrespect and possible break in of your car or theft of your purse. We shop at the 99 Cents Only store in San Clemente.

I'm so so tired of going in and finding more and more items more than 99 cents! At first it was just the milk and eggs. I get it, they wanted to make these items available to us. BUT now it's everything!! The whole store has so many items more than 99 cents.

They need to change their name. I feel like they are trying to get every dime from us. I feel like they are slowly stealing our money by slowly adding more items NOT 99 cents I have been a customer of the 99 Cents Only Stores.

I'm been very happy. They open the new one in Montebello Calif. Omg it's the bomb. It has so much stuff and it's so nice inside. It will knock you out. I really miss my store. Now that we don't have one please please put one in our town. I was doing my shopping as I have done numerous times using my tote bag as storage till I get reach the register when they are removed and purchased and placed back in my tote bag.

I was approached by store associate and asked me to remove the items in my purse and very rudely said, "We don't shop by putting things in our purse before paying for them. I explained that it's not a purse It's a tote bag and that I have every intention to pay for them. I have worked retail and know other, more professional way to approach someone whom they are suspecting of shoplifting especially since we are made to carry and use our own bags.

I prefer to use my tote bag doesn't mean I'm shoplifting. I will never go back to that store again. A sprinkler, garden gnomes and corn grill and a pasta container. I thought everything was I guess I won't be shopping there again because this is false advertising. I had a horrible experience at the W.

Lincoln Anaheim, CA, The cashier did not bag my groceries and ignored my bag as if he didn't see it. I could tell he was having a bad day and didn't want to be bothered with assisting customers and I set him off with my question. Never shopping at this store again! I've read a lot of the reviews, in here, and some of the stories, are terrible, from rude employees, to over charges etc. I shop at the 99 Cents store a lot! In Yucca Valley, CA. Not once have I experienced, a rude employee, they are very, cheerful usually and nice.

The store is clean, and well stocked. I think it's a life saver for our area. Maybe they should be more clear about their sign. I love their store! I, like many people not happy about prices.

I tried to buy some candy today which was clearly marked 99 at cash register.

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