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How might I fix this? But there are not many games in it. The browser services and everything work, but it's just Yahoo! Messenger folder and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Also, they can reply to the Yahoo messenger from their mobiles.

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Only then, we can send some more messages. And all the messages up to 5, maximum that someone sends you, are delivered to your mobile, for free. Games can be played in Messenger. I like to play chess with my friends. But there are not many games in it. PC to PC calls are available for free.

Chat rooms are also part of Yahoo Messenger. Anyway, have you ever tried joining a chat room? Well, you see a lot of people talking rubbish. Many of them will be typing numbers or some letters and characters, etc.

I could say that the chat rooms are not that well monitored. There is also a conferencing feature. You can call all of your friends to login at a particular time and chat with them, just like in a chat room. But this is great. If I download a Yahoo! Messenger installer and run it, it seems to install everything okay, but Yahoo!

Messenger does not install! The browser services and everything work, but it's just Yahoo! I don't know what the problem is. How might I fix this? It doesn't work regardless of what version I try to install 8 or 9 beta. IM several times, so I have already gone through the process of deleting the Messenger folder. I also even uninstalled all Yahoo! Delete, yes completely delete, the Yahoo!

And I want to make sure that I don't delete anything out of the Yahoo! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? To fix the problem, you must manually delete the "Messenger" directory on your C: All archives will be deleted if they are not copied.

If you have a Flash drive copy it. If none, copy them like this: Messenger if it is currently running. Go to your Desktop and double-click "My Computer. Messenger application if you currently have it running. Go to your desktop and double-click "My Computer.

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