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As soon as I got credit for those coins the games loosened up drastically! You can now play casino games directly on your iPhone! Contact us at www. Jun 14, Version 2. Top Ranked in Each Country Now you can check out the top queues in these other countries! Please consider rating us! Over , 5-star reviews!

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Here's a special version for our 3rd Anniversary: Update now and join our party! I'm reading all the negative reviews and wondering if I'm playing the same game s ipad they are. The most frustrating thing to me is to get with an offer of, let's just say for the sake of this review,coins for "watching this video".

J would almost rather see an games for soap than to have to casino through an ad for another app and then have to for that casino to get the coins. Also, if you don't link your Facebook games with the app you miss out on a lot of good offers, free coins, and advancement. I'm not going to link my Facebook account. I don't want to be that person who clogs up the newsfeed with "Johnny just won coins in the alligator for over and over again. Casino don't want to be that person who invites their for list to play.

I suppose I could set ipad a fake FB account and use games I wish the slots in Tunica ipad as loose as these. Last night I won 3 slot tournaments in a row. As soon as I got credit for those coins the games loosened up drastically! I was hitting jackpot casino jackpot. If you're looking for something to pass the time then I feel like this choice of games are better than most. Thanks for your feedback! Please for free to contact us through service me2zen. Wish you good ipad.

Usually even less than the bet. I have never won games tournament. No one wants to see the time wasting games I play, nor do I wish to share that with anyone.

I usually play a short while and move to another app out of frustration. Just needs to be more generous to those of us who do spend money.

We appreciate your comment and we are glad to hear that! We will do our best to release more fun and games games! Variety of slots available from ipad, graphics are decent. The ads cut me off ipad the middle of a spin way too often.

I get your reason Consider this as a solution: Games can get casino coins through watching 5 ads. As for notifications, I woke up His yesterday to several notifications telling me casino get my bonus and come play the game. I woke up this for and saw the same This is comparable to receiving junk mail useless and annoying. Good luck with your ipad as app best We are sorry for disturbing you with ads.

Our development team has already realized this ads issue, and they will adjust the ads. We will also improve our slots, providing more wins and bonuses. We hope games give the game another try! The good news is plenty of casinos accept PayPal. When you want to play for real money, you can rely on the help of our experts to find you the best deals and best casinos. But, here are some of the reasons we love enjoying our favorite casino games with our Apple tablets. Using your Apple iPad to play online casino games and slot machines lets you get the most out of your online gambling experience.

All you need to get started is a good internet connection. If you have that, you can get in on the fun when you're traveling, riding the train, or just sitting in your easy chair at home. Well, listen up as we guide you through how you can be gambling on your iPad within minutes. As the name suggests, instant play is the quickest way to get started with iPad gambling. You can also download an app to your iPad, so you can gamble whenever you like.

Follow our step by step guide to get started:. With the huge rise in popularity of iPads over recent years, app developers have been hard at work to bring you some of the most exciting iPad apps and instant play websites available today.

Some of the most popular iPad games which you can capitalize on include roulette, blackjack, poker and slots. There are a wide range of apps specifically designed for slot games, however apps like these do tend to require higher processing power so are sometimes restricted to PC play.

The advantages are varied and really speak for themselves. However, as with anything, there are always a few negatives to consider too. Here are a couple of things to think about before you dive into iPad casino play. Casinos are working hard to launch all your favorite games on an iPad, but it's important to know where to find a safe, reliable site that will work. Device compatibility is important, but there are many other aspects that should be taken into account when choosing to play for real cash online.

When our team reviews iPad casinos we put every single one through a checklist of aspects they must have if they're to make it onto our recommended list. Here are just a few things we always consider before adding a site to our top rated list.

Welcome Bonuses - Nothing says welcome better than an exclusive bonus, simply for using your iPad to sign up. On top of this, there should also be regular promotions available for returning players. Game Selection - A wide selection of games, including mobile slots , roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, keno, and faro, has become something we expect from any top quality casino that makes it onto our recommended list.

Security - Gambling online sometimes come with security concerns. We always check for secure encryption technologies along with bit security before recommending a site.

Payout Speed - Being able to enjoy your winnings as soon as possible is something all gambling enthusiasts love, so it's no wonder we pay close attention to this aspect when conducting our reviews. Customer Services - You shouldn't ever have a problem at one of our recommended sites, but should you need to know more about something, or just clear up some confusion, then a support team should be on hand, 24 hours a day. Each of these aspects is just as important as the others, which is why it's great to use these points as a checklist when you're checking out casinos to sign up to.

To get started, head on over to our guide to the best apps and websites offering online gambling specifically for iPads. Of course — all online casinos will offer a play money or free play version of their games. You're under no pressure to deposit, so try out the apps and see which ones you fancy taking a real money spin at. The types of iPads supported vary according to the app you choose to download.

To get started, we recommend you visit our online guide to the best iPad apps and instant play websites, and then follow our step by step guide to setting up your online gaming experience. Welcome bonuses are offered by all good casinos for new players.

They can vary from site to site so it's worth checking out a few before deciding on which suits you best. Often it isn't the biggest bonus that's the best choice, but the one with realistic playthrough requirements. All the best casinos have excellent security.

However, it is worth considering the fact that you are only as secure as your internet connection when playing via your iPad. Our researchers have scoured the web to find you the most exciting new iPad apps and websites available right now.

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