32 Games Like RuneScape

There are various aspects that make Albion Online one of the Runescape alternative. It has deep exploration and quest operations too. The classes offered for users are Rangers, Warriors, and Mages. Sherwood Dungeon offers a great fantasy experience and is playable within your browser making it a popular alternative to RuneScape. Realm of the Mad God is an online hack and slash game that features pixel style graphics. Now, if your friends are on the lower level then you need not make an alternate account to play with them.

What Is Your Favourite Game Like RuneScape?

Top 10 Games like Runescape

The game was released in as a subscription based experience but went free to play in June Rift takes place in a fantasy game world known as Telara which Dungeons and Dragons Online launched back in and has been free to play since Dungeons and Dragons Online takes pla The game was released in and has one of the larger player bases in the MMO universe. After creating your account and downloading the client fair Aiming to bring the MMO genre back towards story driven gameplay is Eldevin a title that is simply packed full of game content.

The story behind the kingdom of Eldevin is one of a peaceful land that over the past decade has slowly fallen into chaos upon the discovery of powerful Elemental Spher Record of Lodoss War Online brings the novel of the same name to life in a MMO setting, with a wealth of lore to draw on the game is littered with story to explore as you hack and slash your way through the isometric gameplay.

Starting your adventure with a choice between the typical four MMO c Realm of the Mad God is an online hack and slash game that features pixel style graphics. The game is available for free and can be played online or downloaded through Steam and other digital distribution services for Windows and Mac.

Realm of the Mad God is played in a massively multiplayer Salem is a free to play MMO with a focus on exploration and crafting mechanics. Seatribe is behind development of the game who also run the popular hardcore MMO, Haven and Hearth to which Salem has many similarities.

Just like in Haven and Hearth players can expect permanent death in Salem so Opting to emphasis team work and player interaction the game is one for players that like the community elements of modern day MMORPGs. DOMO was temporarily shutdown between The game was released in November and as of went free to play so everyone can enjoy the experience. For gamers who played the original EverQuest the game takes place in the same fictional world Norrath although yea If you want a quality MMO that you can play wherever you are that also manages to fit in a good amount of depth then Pocket Legends might just be your solution.

Players can start their Pocket legends adventure as on DarkEden uses an isometric view similar to that first Diablo Sherwood Dungeon offers a great fantasy experience and is playable within your browser making it a popular alternative to RuneScape. Best of all you can start playing Sherwood Dungeon immediately without an account which allows you to easily try out this browser MMORPG before fiddling around wi Despite newer games competing in the same space Tibia continues to slowly grow thanks to its solid gameplay foundations.

The game is simple and accessible while still having plenty of depth and a huge amount of activities. The game has a very RuneScape feel to it with plenty of professions to level up and a level of simplicity th Ever wanted to contribute to your own online role playing game?

Stendhal is a free to play open source project that is very reminiscent of early RuneScape in design and will have you exploring the game world as you battle in PvE and PvP combat while trading and completing quests. Serenia Fantasy is a simple 2D browser based game that has plenty of impressive features that make it one of the better browser games available.

The game has been online since mid and has quickly gained a devote fan base. The game is popular for its large game worlds and variety of PvP game modes. The games class system is fairly standard though with minimal visual options The setting for Cabal Online is the fictional world of Nevareth.

Thousands of years ago this world was nearly destroyed by a great apocalypse and memo Silkroad Online takes place in a 7th century setting and is based on the Silk Road that once connected Europe and China. The game launched in in the Korean gaming market and after great success made its way to an international release.

The adventurous ride of this game is too good to be true. You can pick whatever class you want among Knights, Rangers, Mages, and Dwarves. Each class has their own skills and powers, well, I guess the dwarves might be really cool. It is a browser based game which was released in The user interface is just phenomenal and the visuals are something to die for.

One thing where the game lacks behind is its character customization setting. It has the fewer option as compared to the other games like Runescape but the gender options are quite versatile. The classes offered for users are Rangers, Warriors, and Mages. If you are someone new to this game then you can watch the tutorial to understand the game better. There is an automatic combat feature too where you can get into clash with your enemies directly. This is something every user love who is a fan of combating.

However, this game still lacks behind in deeper detailing. Video Collage Maker Online Free. The name of this game is enough to let you know its theme. It is one of the unique kind of games like Runescape having a dark theme of slayers and vampires.

You get access to different classes where you can become a vampire or slayer or whatever you want. The mechanics of this game is a mixture of different ones combined together. The visuals are old concept ones but classy and impressive. The other things to be considered are different classes and their skills. It has deep exploration and quest operations too. It has special combat mode where the players are provided special abilities and skills.

It is not like the regular games like Runescape but the longest running one in this list. The game is based on fast pace mechanism which does not waste too much of time in killing the enemies. The characters can be upgraded by the points you earned by killing your enemies in the game. This game is published by Nexon. It was originally released in in China and Korea and then in in North America.

The game is super adventurous and exciting too. The player has to go through different dungeons and other crazy paths to fight with monsters. The process of this games yields the players armors, weapons, rewards and experience. The combat style of this game is the plus point here. It is a fast paced game which means you need not to spend too much time on killing the monsters. This does not bore the players and keep the fun alive. Dragon Nest also has special player vs player mode where high-level players can challenge that of the lower ones.

On the basis of the skills, they can fight against each other. You would surely love this uniqueness of the game. Best Friend Tag Questions. This game is really rich in content but the one thing it lacks behind is the innovation. No game can survive for a longer duration if it lacks an innovative approach towards gaming.

However, there are still other things that makes ArcheAge a love of gamers. The game can give you an independent progression approach which means you can decide your own path. You do not have to choose any class and be a part of a unique housing system. As soon as you go further in this game, you can choose your own set of skills by opting one of the four classes. This is one of those few games like Runescape where you also have gender choice.

This game also gives you the perfect liberty and freedom to customize your character the way you want with the available choices. And once you enter the combat zone, there is no looking back because it is just so good.

Movies like The Notebook. The gaming is kind of simple but very in-depth which keeps the interest going for the players. The best part of this game is its freedom of approach. With the fun activities and wide scope of exploration, you need not bind to a specific game plan and strategy.

You have the complete liberty to build up your own character in this game. There are various options for customization which helps you to create the perfect character for yourself. There are total four classes from which you can choose which are, priests, hunters, wizards, and warriors. If you are the one having love for combat then warrior would be great for you. However, the major part of the game sticks to crafting , building and gathering resources.

The other options that you get in this game are building a farm, selling your products in game market, raising animals etc. Guild Wars 2 is not just a sequel to its first version namely Guild Wars, but it is a step to revolutionize the entire world of MMO genre. It was released in , and I can guarantee you that you can find it in the systems of every gamer till now.

1. Albion Online