Casino Queen Hotel and RV Park, East Saint Louis

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you're using a laptop or tablet, try moving it somewhere else and give it another go. Monthly Trend My opinion is, if they cheat a little, then how many other cheats do they practice on players now or will in the future with the Illinois gaming commission turning a blind eye? I talked about this before in which I observed people in AC watching the activities, the cage, the tables, etc. When Government economy training be rules redefine "improvement access to knowing. Reviewed 4 weeks ago Don't stay in the RV park!

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I wasn't impressed by it at all then, which is why I haven't been back. Best shows - Nothing has Vegas style shows like Cirque du Soleil or anything like that. Many of them River City, Alton, Ameristar have bands at assorted times. I think River City is the newest casino, followed by the Casino Queen. Casino Queen moved out of their boat and onto a land-based casino within a year or two of River City opening.

They all re-model bits and pieces every few years. Hollywood has had almost a complete remodel since they took over that property from Harrah's a year or two ago. Not sure who has the best buffet, but Alton Belle has the worst in my experience. Ameristar and Harrah's are good but pricey. River City will be your best bet in all categories except the prospect of rock-bottom table games, which will go to Alton Belle. River City opened in early , and the second-newest to open is Lumiere, having opened in December The Casino Queen moved out of the boat and opened their new facility in August But yeah Hollywood got a recent remodel, because both Harrahs put no money into the place before selling it, and also the casino took some tornado damage last year too.

I am not going to answer the six questions because I have not been to all of them never been to Alton or Queen but I can damn well answer that none of our casinos touch Caesar's in Vegas.

They're not all terrible pieces of shit but Vegas they are not. I go to Lumiere, but they are all casinos. And as far as patrons go, who do you expect to be at a midwest casino? Drinks are cheap here. Not sure about shows or buffets, not into that. I'd say Lumiere is fancier than River City by a small margin, but the problem is that the free soda attracts a bad crowd who sit around asking people for money inside the gambling areas.

A bit unnerving trying to gamble and being sized up by people sitting at nearby machines who aren't playing. No, it's Lumiere's location that attracts the bad crowd. I've not noticed it much at all at any of the other casinos. I'm pretty sure Casinos here don't have anywhere near the type of shows Vegas does. They may hold concerts every once in awhile, but nothing here will be anywhere close to what Vegas can offer. I've always had the best experience at River City, but I'm not a huge Casino guy.

I prefer to get beers elsewhere, then end the party at RC with drinks and a couple hours of cheap slots to sober up. Dyepaintball12 , Jun 19, Dangerous Area Glad you enjoyed it. The area is dangerous. I sometimes take the Metrolink train at the casino and there is no security at the station.

If you're a black chip player, be careful. Caesar , Jun 20, Not the first time it's happened Always be careful, always be careful of your surroundings. For every 10 people there are gambling in the casinos, there's one roaming about looking for crimes of opportunity even if it takes a little work!

I talked about this before in which I observed people in AC watching the activities, the cage, the tables, etc. I was within earshot to hear conversation into a cellphone in which observations of a casino patron were being rattled off to someone else. They were observing someone at the cashier's cage from a distance that they apparently had been "tailing" and rattling off a description and estimated cash on them to the party on the other end. Mofo be's bein' up a da window an shi' ri now.

He wearin brown jacket he aloneNO I don beez knowin whe he goin bu Iz all in it an shi. Mo fo shi, etc. I DID mention about this to a security guard and they were very non-chalant about it saying, "We can't stop people from hanging around and can't do much of anything until they actually do something illegal. The guy in question on the cellphone is a regular fixture around the boardwalk casinos also. There are organized gangs of people that stay in touch via cellphone that are up to no good.

The casinos can do little about these types loitering about until they actually do something illegal but by then it's too late Be careful out there, watch yourself, be aware of your surroundings. Tarzan , Jun 20, I feel ashamed saying this but I have a friend who constantly says "ooh, damn we should rob that guy on the way out". If you were to hear him say it you'd think he's serious but as a friend of over a decade I can only understand he's joking.. Sadly, there are people who really are serious, and this sort of thing happens.

Cherish your 2nd Amendment right and if you're not on Indian Reservation property keep that gun in your car and defend yourself when you need to. Not all that surprising I was at the CQ on three occasions last week. For those of you have not been there, this is not a casino that should attract high rollers. There is no high limit room. It is one big open room. I only saw someone playing there once. I was stopped in my tracks because a guy was pushing out stacks of black chips " tall.

After a few seconds I noticed someone looking over my shoulder. I turned and looked and it was a casino security guard. Because the guards there are anything but intimidating, I struck up a conversation.

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