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Welcome to the leading source for online gambling information. She has editorial experience in several industries, but gaming is the most fun so far. There may also be some form of ID verification process before a withdrawal is authorised. He bet the limit. The truth is that in most countries, even a big land-based casino can't compete with what online casinos and gambling sites have to offer. Can I gamble for free? What are the best online gambling sites?

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The categories that our casino rates may be different than that of others, but it is what we feel are the most sought-after pieces of information when trying to find a new casino.

This chart highlights some of the more important aspects of each casino. For a more detailed description of the casino, with just a click of a button, players have access to a longer review of each casino.

Follow the link and you can visit the casino. This gives an accurate representation of what top online casinos can offer. The way to read this chart is simple. There are ten sections across the top, and it features only the ten casinos that are currently rated the highest.

Most casinos have a special bonus offered just for players signing up at their casino for the first time. These types of bonuses usually have the casino matching either the dollar amount or a certain percentage of your initial deposit. It can be done at one time, or over the first three or four deposits.

The more deposits this is spread over, the higher the amount is. Some casinos also offer No Deposit bonuses, which is them giving you free money to use in their casino.

The majority of the time, players will have to play a certain amount of their money to claim their winnings or meet a certain amount before being able to withdraw their winnings.

Free spins are offered, and there is no sort of wagering requirements players need to follow to withdraw any winnings. Except for the possibility of only using the free spins at specific slots within the casino. All regulated casino software meets a few basic criteria.

These include the ease of use and how well it can portray a live casino experience to players using a computer. Casinos tend to have quite a few of their games available online as well, using a similar version of the software. The downloadable software will offer more games than what is available online, which is the primary reason players take advantage of this feature.

It is free to download and gives the player access to a full library of games. Each online casino determines acceptable types of payments.

Other payments can include wire transfers or bank transfers. Online casinos also accept e-wallets like Neteller. EcoPayz, which is just for online financial transactions is usually available as well. A few casinos also accept the new online currency called Bitcoins.

Be aware of the daily change in exchange when considering a deposit or withdrawal. Harding's — er, the White House's china It's tough to find too many details about the card game where Harding gambled away this china set, probably because nobody wants to spend too much time writing about Warren G.

Harding, one of our least effective presidents. Harding knew he was a useless president and preferred to spend his time playing poker and drinking bootleg liquor with his friends and other high-ranking officials.

In addition to his other incompetencies, Harding seemed to have a fuzzy idea about what was actually his to gamble away: The china set in question had been at the White House since the second Harrison administration.

Obama's home poker game Before he was the president and making appearances on all the hip comedy shows , Barack Obama was a freshman Illinois state senator and " kind of an egghead ," lacking the political and business contacts needed to get things done in the notoriously cronyist world of Chicago politics.

A poker game in the basement of freshman Senator Terry Link, where lobbyists, constituents and politicians of both parties could all get to know each other. The game was referred to as "the Committee Meeting," which is a great name if you're deliberately trying to sound as much like a bunch of sketchy pinstripe-wearing Tammany Hall types as humanly possible.

Grant's gambling problems A fair amount of ink has been spilled about the connections between poker and politics, and how the skills required for the former are transferable to the latter. Writers and historians invariably point to the number of shrewd, effective 20th-century presidents who were also known to be excellent poker players, such as Roosevelt and Eisenhower, to support the idea.

The argument can also be made in the other direction. Grant had never held elected office when he became President on the strength of his reputation as a fearsome battlefield commander during the Civil War. He went on to have a fairly disastrous administration and eventually died destitute after barely clawing his way out of significant debt.

Much of this debt was from bad business deals, including a major investment in his son's financial firm that ended up going bankrupt when the other business partner, Ferdinand Ward, committed fraud and went to jail.

But noted poker historians James McManus , author of Cowboys Full , and Vin Narayanan , Casino City's own former editor-in-chief, point out that Grant also lost a lot of money being terrible at poker. One contemporary source insists that Grant was actually great at poker: Ferdinand Ward, Grant's son's fraud-committing business partner.

In one account of a home game, Ward praises Grant's " firmness, tenacity of purpose and courage ": An incident occurred during one of our games which greatly impressed me at the time and which I never forgot. It gave me another flash at the General's secret of military success. Five of us were playing poker one night, and the party included General Grant and General "Phil" Sheridan, who were fast friends.

General Sheridan was also inordinately fond of poker. After the cards were dealt we all came in with the regular ante and we all stood for the raise.

When cards were drawn General Grant took three and General Sheridan stood pat. He bet the limit. We all dropped out with the exception of General Grant. With his usual black stub of a cigar in his mouth he was a very formidable opponent for any one as he quietly looked Sheridan over, saw his bet and raised the limit.

Sheridan promptly came back with another boost, and General Grant saw that and raised again. Then General Sheridan with his pat hand called. General Grant showed a pair of nines and won the pot, as Sheridan had nothing. General Grant laughed and said: He seemed to be possessed of a sort of sixth sense which enabled him to size up situations in a flash of intuition.

Grant may have won the hand and Ward's admiration, but this style of play doesn't seem to have netted him much profit in the long run.

I'm inclined to trust McManus and Vin on this one and say Grant was probably as bad at poker as he was at investing and presidenting. Eisenhower's deliberate poker loss President Dwight D.

Eisenhower was one of the real poker sharks among the presidents who have played, using his winnings to buy his first new military uniform and to buy gifts to court his wife. As he climbed the ranks, however, his sense of duty toward his subordinates eventually conflicted with his habit of taking all their money.

Meade in Maryland, Eisenhower's twice-weekly poker game with General then Colonel George Patton was supposed to be open only to "unmarried men who could afford to lose. Eisenhower felt bad about this, and conspired with some of his fellow players to lose the money back to the unfortunate soldier. The plot was "not achieved easily," according to Eisenhower. Harry Truman's Presidential poker chips Perhaps no U. Truman, not because he was especially good but just because he played a lot.

It was his main form of relaxation, and while he usually played for low stakes, he was not above splurging on the very finest equipment — including a custom seven-handed table for his yacht and a set of chips inlaid with the Presidential seal.

The chip set is currently in the possession of the Harry S. The fact that all the chips are accounted for has not stopped people from trying to run scams claiming to have more , of course. If anybody is producing a straight-up replica set, however, I haven't been able to find it for sale online. Truman may have played poker to feel like a regular guy, but as a regular person myself, I want to feel fancy at my home games.

George Washington's stellar bankroll management George Washington was a very serious, dignified, organized kind of guy who keenly felt the weight of history on him, so you might figure him as a prime candidate for being one of our rare presidents who didn't engage in gambling.

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